About Us

OMG Letai??i??s BBQ is a Digital Media Company based in NYC that is on a mission to Educate, Inform, Inspire and Loves to make the world drool.
Come on, you’re a foodie at heart, don’t lie 🙂 We all are. OMG Letai??i??s BBQ was created because of this belief. Everyone is surrounded with food at nearly every point of our day, and we need it to live. So, why not share our experiences to the world? After the rapid influx of photographers on the internet (aka Instagram) the love for food hit an all-time high. We knew it was the perfect time to launch OMG Letai??i??s BBQ.

The Team:

Brian Hanly

brian hanly
Ever since I moved to NYC after college, my love for food became real. I found myself just taking pictures of whatever was on my plate. I started cooking the most elaborate meals I could think of living in a house senior year. Unfortunately, my creativity was a bit limited when I moved into my 1 bedroom that was flexed into a 3 bedroom in the East Village.
Iai??i??m currently working as a digital media guy at an ad agency. Follow me on Twitter!