7 Completely Insane Bloody Marys

We can all agree that Bloody Mary’s are all pretty good. Over the past few months I have seen some pretty insane Bloody Mary contraptions at restaurants and websites. 192.168 ll Below are 7 that I just could’t believe.

  1. The first is one that I had the pleasure of enjoying in NYC at recently opened Lobster Joint.Ai??

    Lobster Claw + Pickle + Standard Condiments


    Slider + Asparagus

  3. This list wouldn’t be complete without BACON

    Bacon + Asparagus

  4. This one comes from Wisconsin. Is that want people do out there.

    Okay, my eyes hurt now Ai??[Source]

  5. Now it gets a little nasty.

    IS THAT A FISH?! WTF [Source


  6. Okay, that’s a rib

    Rib [Source]

  7. And to warap it up some breakfast inside of your drink

    Bacon + Steak + Tots + Slim Jim + Toast [Source]

Have you found any insane Bloody Marys in your local hood? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter!