No, McDonald’s McNuggets Are Not Created From Pink Goop

You gotta love food rumors, especially ones that target massive food chains. You might have seen this picture float around the internet, showing what a McNugget looks like before it’s cooked.

Credit: Snopes

The OMG crew was shocked at this accusation, given that one of the writers recently sucked down 36 of them in 20 minutes during an eating contest.

(Yes, this is what 600 chicken nuggets look like)

Now onto how this is not real. Snopes did a nice in-depth recap of exactly how they are made and why this pink goop is mostly not true. Since it’s a long, boring article we kept poking around for more information on it. We uncovered the video below which is a nice look behind the scenes at McDonald’s.

So yeah, chicken might have a pinkish color, but not bubble gum pink. Maybe that image is from the factory of Hubba Bubba?