Forget Spoons, Forks and Knives. The Dipr Is The Only Utensil You’ll Ever Need

oreo dipper tool

Milk and cookies go together like blankets on pigs. Yesterday I was informed of what appears to be the biggest breakthrough in food since Hot Pockets were invented. Introducing, the Dipr. A lightweight, easy tool to hold tool that will hold an Oreo while dipping it in milk. A simple & easy to use design. Maybe it’s from the same designers as Ikea furniture? Who knows. Check out the video below.

And a great action shot from a co-worker…

Thanks to @Frohli for this find. He claims it was “recommended” to him on Amazon. I think he just pressed some random keys in the search box to see what came up. Can’t bash him for that – it’s a great find.

Wanna buy it?  The Dipr The Ultimate Cookie Spoon 5 Color Spoons in the Package on Amazon