McDonald’s Reveals What’s in the Infamous Big Mac Sauce [Video]

We can all agree, every now and then, nothing beats a Big Mac from McDonald’s. The big difference between a Big Mac and any of their other burgers is the Big Mac sauce. So what’s this sauce all about? A new YouTube video from McDonald’s reveals the secret behind this famous sauce.

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3 AWESOME Ways Drones Are Being Used For Food

Drones were definitely the talk of the internet in 2013.Drones, AKA “Mini-helicopters,” “Unmanned air-crafts” are small remote controlled  Amazon announced they were looking into using them for shipping and everyone freaked out that they were being watched. OMG Let’s BBQ is not interested in either of those two uses for drones. We compiled a list of some of the more “Bro” ways that people found a use for drone.

Beer delivery service to fisherman (Recently banned by the FAA)

Cell Phone Controlled Burrito Bomber (I feel like this could end pretty horribly)

Domino’s Pizza Delivery (This was a PR stunt but still, pretty cool)

Bonus: Non-food related, but pretty sick: Flying – This guy is using an Oculus Rift head set with his drone controller


Just When You Thought You Tried It All….A Cheeseburger Pizza (Special Surprise at 2:18)

Pizza is fu*king amazing. I think we can all agree on that. Here in New York the varieties are endless, everything from your basic thin crust to Mexican (hint: Taco Bell). The one thing we are missing? Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust pizza. language translator . Another post to come on that at a later time (I’m furious about this, btw)

The bros over at Epic Meal Time, the infamous group known for YouTube videos of putting the word debauchery into food – has a new creation.

Cheeseburger Pizza

Introducing the Cheeseburger Pizza. Sounds ridiculous? Wait until you watch the video. Keep an eye out in the lower right hand corner at 2:18!


I have to admit, these guys are pretty impressive chefs. Knowing to pre-cook the pizza before the cheeseburgers is something that I would have had no idea to do.