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Digital catalog of principles for encouraged retail layout The retail is among the best and, consequently, tough arenas for photograph designers. the expectancy for creativity and originality is very excessive, but the good fortune cost of many retail ventures is kind of low-so getting the selling and branding correct is vital for survival. This booklet will supply a wealth of picture layout thought from a number of retail companies, delivering designers, retail dealers, and enterprise vendors an enormous selection of leading edge strategies. just like the different books in Rockports 1,000 sequence, the pages will pop with rules for promotions, signage, tags, ads, flyers, baggage, emblems, and advert rates corresponding to novelties, giveaways, and extra.

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Uniform density of line in the original work. • Uniform background for color or continuous tone originals, without paste-ups, cuts, or white outs. • Specific and clearly stated directions as to reduction, contrast, grouping of pictures, and emphasis. • A format which is appropriate for the medium intended. For best results, consult the photographer while in the planning stage. Explain to him or her the medium that will be used and the purpose of the figure. A photographer can suggest the size that is most convenient to work with, the format and dimensions of the paper and film being used, and whether a figure may be effectively enlarged or reduced.

For a slide of a table, use only concise and pertinent information. 54 CHAPTER 5 It is not unusual to see a lecture slide of a table, probably taken from a journal, which is so full of miniscule text that it might as well be hieroglyphics. The lecturer then proceeds to tell us to disregard most of the table and to concentrate on one part (which we cannot see). The result is boredom and/or irritation. If a table must be used in a talk, take the time to design one which can easily be seen and understood.

The least conspicuous position for an inset is the lower right-hand comer. VERTICAL ARRANGEMENT A vertical arrangement of photomicrographs is unusual unless it occupies an entire page. One reason for this is that placement of a legend is awkward in a vertical arrangement. Another reason is that spatial relationship is not so clear, probably because we are accustomed to read from left to right. L-I_ _ I _------'J Legend 34 CHAPTER 4 For slides, a horizontally rectangular, or square arrangement works best.

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