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By Mark E. Limes

This thesis describes longitudinal nuclear leisure measurements of reliable 129Xe close to seventy seven ok with formerly not possible reproducibility, and demonstrates alterations in rest, established upon the best way the cast is condensed. those effects are at once appropriate to the iteration and garage of huge amounts of hyperpolarized 129Xe for numerous functions, comparable to lung magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The thesis contains a subtle theoretical method of those facts units, together with changes to a well-established Raman-phonon scattering conception which may clarify the bigger scatter in and discrepancies with prior work.

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36 is integrated over all directions and energies of the emitted and absorbed phonon, along with a sum over all polarizations xje and xja , to give the rate Wf i = 2π h¯ ED dEa d je ja ad 2 2 e |vf i | ρ (Ea ). 40) 0 Taking the origin of the system to be the equilibrium position of atom α, Rα(0) = 0, the two-phonon Raman matrix element is νf(2)i = f |ν (2) |i = f | cK0 2h¯ Sβα × Pβα + β 0 (Sβα R02 (0) (0) · Rβα )Rβα × Pβα · K|i . 41) Expanding Sβα and Pβα in terms of creation and annihilation operators, the first term of Eq.

83] and Patton [84], a temperature-dependent equation for the equilibrium spin-rotation interaction appears, 3 cK0 (T ) = cK0 (77 K) 1 + 300Å b−3 (T ) − b−3 (77 K) . 65) The spin-rotation interaction is scaled by density, according to Brinkmann and Carr [72] and Cowgill and Norberg [78], although it is unclear how these references are used to generate this scaling. From what can be garnered from the collection 2 Longitudinal Relaxation in Solid 129 Xe 36 of literature on this work, the lattice parameter and spin-rotation interaction appear to be the only parameters that are adjusted for temperature.

4 Å is the equilibrium internuclear separation. , give a chemical shift in solid 129 Xe at 77 K of (σs −σg ) = 317 parts per million (ppm) from that of gaseous 129 Xe [87, 88]. 122 3 It is unclear what 2 % means from the paper in this context. 2 1/T ∗ (T ∗ )9 0 ex x 8 dx. 2 History of the Problem 23 Here, TD is the Debye temperature, T ∗ = T /TD where T is the temperature, k is the Boltzmann constant, and the parameter = (r0 /γI )dγI /dr accounts for the dependence of the coupling parameter on the internuclear separation r.

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