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By Sridhar Ramamoorti

Get functional insights at the psychology of white-collar criminals—and the best way to outsmart them

Understand how the psychologies of fraudsters and their sufferers engage in addition to what makes auditors/investigators/regulators allow down their protect. find out about the psychology of fraud sufferers, together with forums of administrators and senior administration, and what makes them are looking to think fraudsters, and for this reason making them really liable to deception. simply because it specialists gave us desktop forensics, we've a uniquely certified workforce immersed in psychology, sociology, psychiatry in addition to accounting and auditing, introducing the rising box of behavioral forensics to deal with the phenomenon of fraud.

Ever ask yourself what makes a white-collar legal tick? Why does he or she do what they do? For the 1st time ever, see the brain of the fraudster laid bare,...

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Personally intrigued by questions about tone at the top, the history of Andersen's origins and its downfall, and the parallel and tragic story of Continental Bank in Chicago, I was hooked. The ideas were new, but they brought back memories of my training in psychiatry. I was deeply familiar with the many ways people deceive one another. At times, early in my training, my colleagues and I felt like mercenary soldiers standing guard against malingerers. We knew—or least thought we did—who was really ill and who was just looking for food and shelter (or what was called “three hots and a cot”).

9 Adding to the complexity is the interplay of minds. Besides the interplay of fraud perpetrator and victim, there is gang behavior, in which individuals, as a result of a dominant gang leader or perhaps groupthink, get caught up in a unique set of warped ethics (frequently outside what is legal). This leads to a group activity that is to the group members' long-term personal detriment. Upon reflection, many convicted white-collar felons are able to track exactly when they transgressed their own internally set psychological thresholds relating to their values and beliefs.

Clair; J. Larry Stevens; John Stewart; Warren Stippich; Dr. Dan Stone; Brenda Stopher; Dr. Donna Street; David Stulb; Dr. Shyam Sunder; Dan Swanson; Dr. Natan Szuster; Tom Tam; Scott Taub; Bill Taylor; Dr. Donald Tidrick; Tom Tischauser; Sheri Toivonen; Daniel Torpey; Dr. Richard Traver; Andreas Trogsch; Lynn Turner; Dr. Relmond Van Daniker; Anton van Wyk; Dr. Miklos Vasarhelyi; Dominique Vincenti; Dr. Manu Vora; the Hon. David Walker; Clarke Warren; Phil Wedemeyer; Dr. Marcia Weidenmier-Watson; Dr.

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