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By Richard A. Lanham

The 1st variation of this commonplace paintings has been reprinted many occasions over 20 years. With a different mix of alphabetical and descriptive lists, it offers in a single handy, available quantity all of the rhetorical phrases - as a rule Greek and Latin - that scholars of Western literature and rhetoric tend to encounter of their examining or to discover priceless of their writing. Now the second one variation deals new gains that might make it nonetheless extra useful:A thoroughly revised alphabetical directory that defines approximately 1,000 phrases utilized by students of formal rhetoric from classical Greece to the current day.A revised approach of cross-references among terms.Many new examples and new, prolonged entries for vital terms.A revised Terms-by-Type directory to determine unknown terms.A new typographical layout for simpler entry.

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Peacham (following Quintilian quoting Cicero [Q. 30]) postulates two kinds: (a) correcting the word before it is uttered: We have brought here before you, Judges . . not a thief but a violent robber, not an adulterer, but a breaker of all chastity . . (Cicero against Verres) (b) correcting the word after it is uttered: Your brother, no, no brother, yet the son (Yet not the son, I will not call him son) Of him I was about to call his father . . (As You Like It, II, iii). See also Metanoia. 2.

Cicero, Pro Murena) The Passion is all that man can know of God: his conflicts, duly faced, are all that he can know of himself. The last judgment is the always present self-judgment. (Erickson, Young Man Luther, p. 213) Antenantiosis (an te nan ti O sis; G. "positive statement made in a negative form") — Litotes. Ante occupatio (an te oc eu PA ti o) —Prolepsis (1). Anthimeria (an thi MER i a; G. "one part for another"). Functional shift, using one part of speech for another: "His complexion is perfect gallows"(The Tempest, I, i); "Lord Angelo dukes it well" (Measure for Measure, III, ii).

In considering this strangely neglected topic," it began. This what neglected topic? This strangely what topic? This strangely neglected what? (Kingsley Amis, Lucky Jim) Antanaclasis (an ta NA cla sis; G. "reflection, bending back") — Anaclasis; Pun; Rebounde; Reciprocatio; Refractio; Transplacement. 1. One word used in two contrasting, usually comic, senses. The classical term closest to a plain English pun. Thus a men's clothing store advertises "Law suits our speciality," with some three-piece suits illustrated.

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