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By J. S. McClelland

This can be a nice ebook to realize a greater figuring out of a number of the thoughts of western politcal thought...its sparknotes for any poli sci significant, yet on an highbrow level...its an excellent ebook.

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Only reason can complete the happiness of the other virtues, and reason does this partly through its relationship with the other faculties and partly through the pursuit of the true knowledge which is its own. Reason supplies a kind of control to the other faculties which they cannot provide for themselves. The self-control exercised by the lower faculties, while useful, only tells a man how to control himself, and never why. Only reason can tell us why control of the other faculties is good. Reason’s first job is therefore self-knowledge, an awareness of the right ordering of the soul.

It could easily be that the disinclination of each individual Guardian from the business of ruling could introduce an element of competition into the ruling group which is analogous in reverse to the element of competition which would arise if a mildly timarchic character was to make his way by accident into the Guardian class. The unsuitable Guardian would compete with others in his eagerness to command; suitable Guardians might insensibly begin to compete by avoiding the distracting duty to rule by putting the burden on others.

It works out what the soul’s order should be and it is also the guarantor of that order. Reason’s knowledge is its title to rule the rest of the self, and that knowledge, together with the rule which it justifies, makes up the kingly science. What is true for each man within himself is also true for the relations between men. The man who is himself properly self-controlled is fit to command others unlike himself. His relations with others like himself will be friendly and co-operative, but his A history of western political thought 24 relations with others unlike himself will be relations of rulership.

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