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By Carsten Strathausen, William E. Connolly

Rich with analyses of strategies from deconstruction, platforms thought, and post-Marxism, with opinions of fundamentalist inspiration and the warfare on terror, this quantity argues for constructing a philosophy of being on the way to triumph over the problem of postmodern relativism. Undergirding the contributions are the premises that ontology is an important proposal for philosophy at the present time, that a suitable leftist ontology needs to stay away from the type of identification politics that has ruled contemporary cultural reports, and new ontology needs to be positioned inside of worldwide capitalism. A Leftist Ontology deals a well timed intervention in political philosophy, that includes a number of the major voices of our time.

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A couple also address the question of what pluralists should do when some parties are intransigent, when dogmatists define a set of minorities as enemies in order to squash or defeat them. How to cope with intransigence is a tough issue for pluralists. It involves resisting antipluralism without recapitulating by one's own actions the tone and temper of their exclusionary politics. It is not an easy issue to resolve. One senses that the neoconservative and evangelical right knows how its own intransigence places the left into difficult binds.

What renders these various models "leftist" is the shared belief in the historical malleability of the (paradoxical) ontological terrain they investigate. 24 Unlike Rawls and Habermas, leftists do not simply stipulate the sovereignty of liberal reason as it exists today, but recognize its contentious past and uncertain future. 25 There is nothing natural about the social order at all, which is to say that this order cannot be reconstructed, but must always be reinvented anew. Although political philosophy necessarily takes place within an already given terrain of established norms, it also cultivates a discussion and conflict about these norms and this very terrain as such.

PSYCHOANALYSIS AND THE POLITICAL io. Signification and Substance: Toward a Leftist Ontology of the Present CHRISTOPHER BREU 187 ii. A Politics of Melancholia KLAUS MLADEK and GEORGE EDMONDSON 208 Afterword: Thinking, Being, Acting; or, On the Uses and Disadvantages of Ontology for Politics BRUNO BOSTEELS 235 Acknowledgments 253 Contributors 255 Index 259 The Left and Ontopolitics WILLIAM E. ' By ontology, he means the most fundamental assumptions each makes about the world, including within that compass assumptions about time, nature, human subjectivity, the final source of morality, the territorial space of politics, and the often vexed relations between these elements.

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