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By Ezra Pound

Ezra Pound’s vintage publication concerning the which means of literature, with a brand new advent by means of Michael Dirda.

This vital paintings, first released in 1934, is a concise assertion of Pound’s aesthetic thought. it's a primer for the reader who desires to preserve an lively, serious brain and develop into more and more delicate to the sweetness and suggestion of the world’s top literature. With attribute power and iconoclasm, Pound illustrates his precepts with shows meticulously selected from the classics, and the concluding “Treatise on Meter” presents an illuminating essay for an individual desiring to learn and write poetry. ABC of studying monitors Pound’s nice skill to open new avenues in literature for our time.

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Example text

The roar was stronger, thick whorls of spray rose up abruptly in front of her-she was at the top of the falls. She stopped short as if about to fall over the edge, so abruptly did it appear. Two waves went through her : first the paralysing cold, then the reviving warmth-as happens on great occasions. Unn was there for the first time. No one had asked her to come here with them during the summer. Auntie had mentioned that there was a waterfall, no more. There had been no discussion of it until now, in the late autumn at school, after the ice palace had come and was worth seeing.

Through it quickly. But this was unexpected too : she was standing in what looked like a room of tears. As soon as she stepped in she felt a trickling drop on the back of her neck. The opening she had come through was so low that she had had to bend double. It was a room of tears. The light in the glass walls was 52 very weak, and the whole room seemed to trickle and weep with these falling drops in the half dark. Nothing had been built up there yet, the drops fell from the roof with a soft splash, down into each little pool of tears.

She lay flat on the ice, not yet feeling the cold. Her slim body was a shadow with distorted human form down on the bottom. Then she changed her position on the shining glass mirror. The delicate bracken still stood in the block of ice in a blaze of light. There was the terrifying drop. Where it was deeper, the bottom and everything else were brown. Among the few weeds a small, black shellfish lay in the mud, moving one of its feet. Nothing came of it; it did not stir out of the slime or alter its position.

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