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By Michael W. Ford

ADAMU is a grimoire of Luciferian Tantra. This direction is of the exploration of the darkish recesses of the brain and Spirit, remodeling the self right into a vessel of Divinity, the Daemonic itself. present in ADAMU are starting place rituals and conception of Luciferian intercourse Magick, the Forbidden paintings of remodeling recognition and physique right into a Temple of the adverse Spirit, being Samael and Lilith, to start up the self and develop into part of the divine via awakening the emblem of Cain, the 1st Satanist. ADAMU outlines perform which defines the how the Luciferian intercourse Magick course is a sucessful approach to initiation which purely strengthens and awakens awareness. Vampiric (spiritual) intercourse Magick and historical Buddhism/Bon Po, together with workings and outlines of Kali and her quite a few mythological guises. Adamu gains various discipline-building excercises so as to set the point of interest for critical initiatory perform.

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The circle of sorcery knows only the bounds you present to it, Know Thyself! Ensorcelment of the Daemon The arte of sexual sorcery between two partners should be focused on the ensorcelment3 of the primal ophidian power. This is the Black and Red Snake in union, between both participants. Let both the fluids of male and female be brought in union for the consecration of talismans and sigils, thus a demon born under the Will of the practitioners. The Daemon which is a Succubi or Incubi may be sigillized by any known method and further prepared by the evocations to be conducted before, during and after 3 A word meaning ‘to encircle’, in the context of ritual and magical workings, it is the sorcerous binding of power or energy, that which may be identifiable with a charged spirit or servitor.

She lets her rancid salvia drip on my open mouth, locked in an ever screaming mouth which has no beginning or end, like the abyss. The smell is like when you pass a rotting animal dead for two or so days, exception being the ghastly odor emerging from a nubile and almost beautiful woman. This necrophiliac nightmare (she is moving like a living woman) riding your cock and lubricating it with fly-infested cold female-ejaculation, the motion too intense to feel the littering my groin with larvae. It is as if she has the hemorrhagic saliva lubricating her genitals which seem to be as small hungering mouths moving up and down in a moment of obsession, seeking to fill her desire accordingly.

The spirit of Akoman came upon the earth, from which Vohuman battled with and could not fully defeat. It is written in the texts of creation that the stench of Akoman is that which proceeds from the sick and yawners, the very putrid stench of decay. The bodies of animals became the clothing of demons, Az entered two Lions and remained in their bodies for a long period of time. The instinct of Az is within all predatory beasts upon the earth, observe and learn from them. 38 The sixth battle, that of mankind Ahriman came forth unto Gayomard, by other cultures by his wife in which he seduced and awakened to evil, spawning a beast.

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