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By P. Denoix, G. Mathé (auth.), Professor Gianni Bonadonna, Professor Georges Mathé, Professor Sydney E. Salmon (eds.)

P. Denoix and G. Mathe nearly 70% of melanoma sufferers relapse after surgical procedure sooner than the fifth 12 months and, more often than not, for instance in breast carcinoma, they relapse nonetheless later as much as the twentieth 12 months. For a few enormous time, the tactic of melanoma remedy has been constrained to the sophistication of surgery-radiotherapy mixtures that maximally diminished the occurrence of neighborhood and local relapses in websites that have been inside of their achieve. this present day, the perform of scientific oncology is unthinkable with no the lively participation of the scientific oncologist. he's the "third guy" of the scientific oncology crew, and he has lately targeted consciousness at the indisputable fact that such a lot relapses come up from far away metastases end result of the proliferation of cells seeded there after having left the first tumor website on the time of operation and, accordingly, are inaccessible to any shape oflocal and/or neighborhood remedy. in this facts, clinical oncologists have proposed the applying of clinical remedies for disseminated minimum residual affliction (MRD). they've got to be had capability: chemother­ apy and immunotherapy. clinical oncologists typically should be divided into 3 teams: chemotherapists, immunotherapists, and chemoimmunotherapists. The natural chemotherapists, who had already cured a few malignant neoplasias corresponding to Hodgkin's illness, acute lymphoid leukemia, placental choriocarcinoma, and Wilms' tumor, idea they could have the technique of attacking the residual ailment of universal cancers.

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Transplantation of human tumors in nude mice. J. Natl. Cancer Inst. 56, 1251 (1976) 12. : Effects of surgery on the cell kinetics of residual tumor. Cancer Treat. Rep. 60, 1749 (1976) 13. , Schabel, F. ): Quantitative and cytokinetics studies in experimental tumor systems. In: Cancer medicine, 2nd ed. Holland, J. ). Philadelphia: Lea and Febiger 1979 (in press) 14. Sullivan, P. , Salmon, S. : Kinetics of growth and regression ofIgG multiple myeloma. J. Clin. Invest. 51, 1697 (1972) Ectopic Production of A CTH, Lipotropin, and {3-Endorphin by Human Cancer Cells.

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II) 80 :§ 60 .... , .... ''''', "" .... ~ ...... j ~ CEA<4 ---- CEA~4 40 20~ o ______________ ~ 21 ...... " .... 63' .... 004 "" .... --- ______________- u Years 2 Fig. 7. 08). CEA and Metastatic Disease The prognostic significance of CEA values in 260 patients with metastatic disease is shown in Fig. 7. Survival has been measured from the date of CEA estimation. The patients have been followed a mean period of 256 days. There is a highly significant difference in survival. 4 years, but the patients whose CEA is normal have not yet reached their median survival, which probably will be greater than 2 years.

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