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By Graham Barwell

"At size did pass an Albatross, / throughout the fog it got here; / as though it were a Christian soul, / We hailed it in God's name." The advent of the albatross in Samuel Taylor Coleridge's "The Rime of the traditional Mariner" is still some of the most famous references to this majestic seabird in Western tradition. In Albatross, Graham Barwell is going past Coleridge to check the function the chook performs within the lives of a wide selection of peoples and societies, from the early perspectives of north Atlantic mariners to trendy encounters via writers, artists, and filmmakers.

Exploring how the fowl has been celebrated in proverbs, folks tales, paintings, and ceremonies, Barwell exhibits how humans wonder on the approach the albatross soars throughout the air, protecting awe-inspiring distances with little attempt due to its awesome wingspan. He surveys the numerous ways humans have taken to considering the albatross over the last 200 years—from those that committed their lives to those birds to those that hunted them for meals and sport—and discusses its position within the human mind's eye. Concluding with a mirrored image at the bird's altering importance within the smooth international, Barwell considers threats to its persisted lifestyles and its clients for the longer term. With 100 illustrations from nature, movie, and pop culture, Albatross is an soaking up examine those attractive birds.

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Today the borders between science and technology have been blurred and permeated by the omni-present Information and Communication Technology (ICT) on the one hand; on the other, the technocratic dream of an ongoing improvement and domination of the world by technology is being questioned as the most recent examples of Social Media and of lacking data security are strikingly demonstrating. A reflexive turn is taking place in science and technology as well as in society. A movement which seemed to be dying is suddenly reanimated: the reflection on unintended negative side effects of the development and application of new technologies, we are witnessing a renaissance of Technology Assessment (TA).

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Paul T. Durbin (Dordrecht/ Boston/Lancaster/Tokyo: D. Reidel Publishing, 1988), 279–93; German version: Walther Ch. ) H. Lenk and G. Ropohl (Reclam: Stuttgart, 1987), 92–111; W. Ch. Zimmerli, ‘Verantwortung kennen oder Verantwortung übernehmen – Theoretische Technikethik und angewandte Ingenieurethik’, in Verantwortung von Ingenieurinnen und Ingenieuren (Wiesbaden: Springer, 2014), 15–31. Human Responsibility for Extra-Human Nature 21 case, we have to take a closer look at the conceptual quadruple ‘technology’, ‘human being’, ‘nature’ and ‘culture’.

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