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By Christopher S. Hyatt, Lon Milo DuQuette, Aleister Crowley, Peter Conte, Daniel Pineda

In 1904, Aleister Crowley commissioned, edited, and brought an English translation of The publication of the Goetia of Solomon the King, the 1st of 5 magical texts often called the Lemegeton. but few have truly labored the method, believing one needs to conform blindly to the archaic methods and long-winded conjurations of the unique textual content. yet Crowley s perspective towards the Goetia seems to were various. His masterful growth and perfection of the initial Invocation of the Goetia is a first-rate instance.
This new version of the Goetia gains an advent explaining Goetic Magick. Goetia refers to all of the operations of that Magick which bargains with gross, malignant or unenlightened forces. Goetia is usually regarded as a wild card, anything which may get uncontrolled, anything which expresses the operator's decrease wants to keep an eye on others and increase his personal own lifestyles. And, in truth, this power lack of regulate, this chance, the will for self-improvement and nice strength is strictly what draws many folks to the Goetia whereas frightening and repelling others. Crowley's Goetia is dropped at existence via David P. Wilson with bright illustrations of the Goetic demons, whereas Lon Milo DuQuette and Christopher S. Hyatt deliver the traditional artwork of Goetic Magick to lifestyles within the modern-day. Christopher Hyatt joined with Lon Milo DuQuette and David P. Wilson to glean notable magical and philosophical treasures from this such a lot misunderstood topic.

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Do-o-f-ape in the name Beralanensis, Baldachiensis, Paumachia, od Beralanesis, Baldachiensis, Paumachia, micaelzodo aretabasa Apologiae Sedes: and of the mighty ones who govern gahe, mire Liachidae spirits, and od qou6di Liachidae telocahe: od Salamanu and ministers Tabaame of the House Otahila Apologiae of Death: and by the Chief Prince of the seat of Apologia do em Poamala, 01 vinu-ta od zodametal in the Ninth Legion, I invoke thee and conjure thee! Od elanusahe And being exalted above ye gohusa pujo I say unto spake vaoresagi Iaida, in the power of the Most High, ilasa, darebesa!

Then forg~t the whole thing for as long as you can. The more you can release It from you mind the faster the Spirit can go to work for you. ~HAPTER (fIGHT The Seventy-Two Spirits t7Ji' he. list of Spirits which follows is from Crowley's original \LlI Goetia-which also includes many other prerequisites for evocation. The timing was especially important to the ancient practitioners. Even though we do not wish to discourage any practitioner who wishes to make the observation of the days and hours part of his or her working, the experience of many modern magicians has shown that the Spirits are easily evoked at any hour of the day or night and on any day of the year.

His Seal is to be worn, whether you will have him for a Familiar ornot. 88 The I[[ustratd Goetia DuQuette • Hyatt • WiCson 89 ~MON MARQUIS 1°_10° Gemini (day) May 21-31 EIGHT OF SWORDS LUNA-SILVER '

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