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By Lee Strong

Imagine that you’ve inherited a home of spirits. Now think that the home wishes you dead.

For Jon and Carlie Summers, the nightmare starts off after they stream into an inherited domestic in rural Iowa. abandoning their busy lives in Chicago, Jon and Carlie are dragged right into a scary spiral of violent goals, health problems, and possessions. Uncovering an enormous evil hidden for many years in crates of buried journals, Jon and Carlie are pressured to relive the sinister background of the home and its legacy of abuse, denial, and obsession.

Anatomy of a Haunting is a terrifying precise tale approximately one condo and its population who've been driven to the edge of madness and loss of life. via interviews and exhaustive learn into the 150-year-old McPherson condominium, writer Lee powerful delves into the heritage of the haunting and paints a nightmarish photograph of 1 couple’s descent into supernatural insanity.

"Light a white candle earlier than studying this book—and after you've entire. Anatomy of a Haunting is really terrifying."
—Annie Wilder, writer of House of Spirits and Whispers and Trucker Ghost Stories

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