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By D. Stubbings

Anglo-Irish Modernism and the Maternal argues concentrate on the development of mother-figures in Irish tradition illuminates the extreme fulfillment of the Irish modernists. primarily, the seminal Irish modernists—Moore, Joyce, Synge, Yeats, and O'Casey—resisted these mother-figures sanctioned by way of cultural discourses, re-writing her which will elude her. during this, they not just re-constituted language and illustration, they accessed and re-figured and their very own artistic sleves.

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51 What this passage ultimately foreshadows is a continual subjugation of Esther's own self to the needs of her child, a subjugation that cannot help but diminish Esther's own strength: She was now alone in a great wilderness with her child, for whom she would have to work for many, many years, and did not know how it would all end. . 52 Esther Water's powerful instincts provide a stark contrast to those of Kate Ede in A Mummer's Wife. Kate belies Laura Forrest's determination that there exists `in every woman [the instinct] to mother something'; Kate's natural instincts (`it was not without surprise that she caught herself wishing suddenly [the girls in the workroom] were her own children.

In such circumstances, the child's death is inevitable. Thereafter, Kate does not seem able to reconstitute her own identity from the pool that formed around her association with the infant child: a heedless nondescript ± a something in a black shawl and a quasirespectable bonnet, a slippery stepping stone between the low women who whispered and the workwomen who hurried home with the tin of evening beer in her hand. 58 Her subjectivity remains dissolved, a dissolution exacerbated by her alcoholism.

He is only a love-child, you say, and had better be dead and done with. . It is all so hidden up that the meaning is not clear at first, but what it comes to is this, that fine folks like you pays the money, and [the baby-farmers and their like] gets rid of the poor little things. 8 It is ironic that while Esther largely subdues her will to the greater purpose of securing her son's life, it is those same instincts which provide her with the inner strength to overcome the perpetual barriers that society places in the way of her singular goal.

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