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Showing within the ultimate yr of Victoria's reign, Anna Lombard captured many preoccupations of the fin-de-siecle interval and driven them past the boundaries of Victorian acceptability in the direction of the better freedoms of the 20 th century. This highly well known novel (thirty variations, six million copies offered) examines female and male sexuality, extending the idea of latest girl feminism and presenting a brand new masculinity to check it. Its transgressive interracial sexual and social family members are set in a hugely eroticized Indian panorama and opposed to the rigidities of Victorian imperialism. Anna Lombard demanding situations and subverts a variety of the main fiercely defended ideologies of its time. for contemporary readers acquainted with overdue Victorian conventions, it keeps its energy to shock and surprise, and extends our wisdom and figuring out of the ways that Victorian writers mirrored and built social attitudes. For all readers, then as now, it truly is mesmerisingly readable. This new version will expand knowing of women's writing of the interval, and introduces a brand new new release of readers to the paintings of a as soon as renowned and regularly engrossing novelist, Victoria pass (a pen identify of Annie Sophie Cory).

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