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By Suraiya Faroqhi

This e-book is a set of essays on Ottoman historical past, targeting how sultans of the Ottoman Empire have been considered through the general public.

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1 2 For a synoptic overview 68 ANOTHER M I R R OR FOR P R I N C ES PRESENTING THE S ULTANS' POWER, GLORY AND PIETY Evliya's notions about appropriate sultanic practice seem to have conformed quite closely to what was really the custom in his own time. In the mid-seventeenth century great public foundation complexes were rarely built, even though smaller charities were still being established. Mustafa 'All had certainly been very critical of Murad III under whose rule he had lived for twenty years; yet among Ottoman authors of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, he was rather exceptional i n this respect.

Reasyan (Istanbul: Istanbul Oniversitesi Edebiyat Fakiiltesi, 1952), p. 4. Thus we have to resort to a much later text: P. Clugasl fnciciyan, XVIII. r. and commentary by Hrand Andreasyan (Istanbul: Istanbul Fethi Demegi istanbul Enstiiisii t 1956), p. 39. • 2 For �e proces�ions co�nected wit� the accessions and funerals of rulers, the major study is . now N1�olas Va�m and : � hiles Vemstem, Le serail ebran/e (Paris: Fayard, 2003), passim. On the processiOns of gtft- a nng ambassadors � cong�tulate a sultan upon his accession see Zeynep Tanm Ertug, XVI.

After giving the dates of construction ( l 018/1609 to 1026/ 1 617) inciciyan recorded the measurements of the great columns, which thus differently from Evliya, he regarded as a major feature of the building. 2 inciciyan went on to describe the architectural features of the courtyard and provided a list of all the ancillary institutions forming part of the foundation complex. He also recorded that this institution possessed a revenue of about 300 purses (of administrator (voyvoda) of Galata ak�e ) , the being in charge of running the different charities.

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