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By Dr. Douglas M. Baker

This paintings is an holistic method of the cosmic foundation of humanity. the writer bargains with the advanced subject of Globes, Rounds and Chains, and gives an outline of the early races of guy on this planet. in actual fact illustrated with charts and diagrams.

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The Homeric and Orphic Creation Myth from THE GREEK MYTHS by Robert Graves. AUTHOR'S NOTE I have tried as far as possible to avoid a repetition of facts and figures given by The Secret Doctrine except where these are important in elucidating, confirming, contradicting or supporting some point of new detail. P. Blavatsky wrote The Secret Doctrine, the great biological periods which we know so well today were not yet clearly defined in terms of age and extent. Also, by her own admission, many figures given by the Masters to her were inevitably altered in the process of being passed on to others like A.

Whilst we are on the subject of fossils, there is another bone of contention between the teachers of Ancient Wisdom and modern views on the Age of Man. The esoteric teaching is clear. True Man is at least 18 million years old, but there are many reasons why a fossilised remnant of earliest Man has not been found. Those reasons form the main subject matter of this work. When we write of Man here, we mean his gross physical structure from which fossils derive, not of his etheric structure and the structures which lie between his etheric and gross physical nature for these do not ever leave fossils, in the general sense of that word.

The best hybrid seed is that obtained from parents of the widest variation. As Michurin says, "When pairing the parent plants the most distant and least closely related varieties should be preferred, because if this requirement is fulfilled hybrids are obtained that most easily and completely become adapted to the external conditions of a new locality . . " ** Thus, this wide variety of parents breaks down the hereditary pattern in the hybrid seed, making it more susceptible to acquiring new characteristics, and at the same time, it has the advantage of producing a studier seed.

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