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Footpad injection of antigen is frequently found to result in a good antibody response to the antigen so this route of injection is often used. It must be stressed, however, that it is difficult to determine the exact kinetics of antigen retention in a lymph node which drains such an injection site as the radioactivity present in the node is a composite of different factors. Among these are the continuous and asynchronous arrival of antigen into the node, specffic retention mechanisms, local antigen degradation, and escape of antigen and antigen degradation products via the efferent lymph or circulation.

2) Jaroslow and Nossal (1966) investigated the distribution of labeled flagellar antigens in X-irradiated rats. flagella (100 /Ag) 48 4 . Organ Distribution of Antigens was injected into the hind footpads (exp. A) or ^^^I polymerized flagellin (10 μg) was injected intravenously (exp. B ) . In both experiments, the spleens of irradiated rats were found to contain less radioactivity than was present in the spleen of control rats and this was most marked 8 days after the injection (exp. B ) . The results were interpreted as reflecting a decrease in the level of opsonins due to destruction of lymphocytes, but direct damage to reticulo endothelial cells could not be excluded.

Administration of excess carrier iodide to the animal minimizes this accumulation of the radioactive iodide (Wormall, 1930). Diiodotyrosine injected into rats may be deiodinated in the thyroid (Tong et al, 1954). lodotyrosine itself is an unnatural amino acid and is not utilized by cells (Ryser, 1963). It is known that radioactive iodide associated with specific antigen may be recovered from popliteal lymph nodes many weeks after the injection of ^^^I-labeled flagella into the hind footpads of rats (Ada and Williams, 1966).

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