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What is laughter means how does laughter come about; what is the state, how does the state come about; and so on. The question of [the] property is replaced by the question of the genesis. The most important subject, of course, is man is a rational animal. The question which we have to solve on that basis is the genesis of rationality, and this is, to repeat, a twofold question. The first question: how does a human baby—a new-born baby, which in no sense can be said to be an actually rational being—how does it become rational?

LS: Yes, it would simply be impossible; it would be impossible because they are incapable of reasoning. Now, I would like first to take one step back to make intelligible what Rousseau says. Surely Rousseau opposes traditional natural law, say that Thomistic natural law which was maintained in modifications still at the Protestant universities. I mean, the names which Mr. Butterworth mentioned, like Pufendorf and Wolff, these were people who in a modified way— modified by Hobbes in some way or the other—transmitted still the old teaching.

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