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By Robert R. Ogle Jr., Michelle J. Fox

It fills a void within the assets on hand to researchers and practitioners in forensic hair exam by means of delivering photographic archetypes for the microscopic features of human hair and the variates of the features noticeable in forensic examinations, together with curl; colour; pigment distribution and density; cortical fusi; and ovoid our bodies. those illustrations supply a uniform foundation for describing the features and their adaptations for forensic execs in differing geographical parts. The documentation of hair features utilizing the scoring process defined during this atlas permits researchers to advance facts in regards to the frequency of features in the hairs of 1 or extra members and the overview of no matter if convinced hair features are co-dependent.

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The variates for outer cuticle scale profile are Smooth, Serrated, Ragged, Looped, and Other. 1 is an example of a hair with a Smooth outer cuticle scale profile. 2 is an example of a hair with a Serrated outer cuticle scale profile. 3 illustrates a hair with a Ragged outer cuticle scale profile. 4 depicts a hair with a Looped outer cuticle scale profile. 12 Cuticle Surface The cuticle surface is viewed as a longitudinal air mount or as a cast of the cuticle surface. The variates for the cuticle surface are Normal and Damaged.

04. 05. 06. 1 adapted from Table 3, Ogle, R. , Individualization of human hair: the role of the hair atlas, Microscope, 46(1), 20, 1998. With permission. in beard hairs and rarely in scalp hairs. The cross-section shape of the transitional hairs between the scalp and the beard area have not been studied adequately. Straight hairs typically will have a round cross-section shape. As the degree of curl increases, the cross-section shape becomes increasingly flattened so that the curliest hairs will exhibit the flattest shape.

Photographic archetypes illustrating Normal and Damaged cuticle surfaces are presented in Chapter 5. The term Normal refers to a cuticle surface that does not have any discernible damage when viewed in the compound microscope. The term Damaged refers to a cuticle surface that has discernible damage due to hair treatments or to damage from environmental effects. 13 Pigment in Cuticle The variates for pigment in cuticle include Present or Absent. Photographic archetypes illustrating each are presented in Chapter 5.

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