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By Moshe Sluhovsky

From 1400 via 1700, the variety of stories of demonic possessions between ecu girls used to be terribly excessive. in the course of the related interval, a brand new kind of mysticism—popular with women—emerged that drastically affected the danger of ownership and, for that reason, the perform of exorcism. Many feared that during moments of rapture, girls, who had surrendered their souls to divine love, weren't experiencing the paintings of angels, yet fairly the ravages of demons in hide. So how then, asks Moshe Sluhovsky, have been practitioners of exorcism to differentiate demonic from divine possessions?

Drawing on unexplored money owed of mystical faculties and non secular thoughts, stories of the possessed, and exorcism manuals, Believe now not each Spirit examines how early glossy Europeans handled this quandary. the private reviews of practitioners, Sluhovsky indicates, trumped theological wisdom. frightened that this is able to bring about a rejection of Catholic rituals, the church reshaped the which means and practices of exorcism, reworking this therapeutic ceremony right into a technique of non secular interrogation. In its efforts to differentiate among sturdy and evil, the church constructed vital new explanatory frameworks for the relatives among physique and soul, interiority and exteriority, and the typical and supernatural.

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14 In 1614 Cervantes used a similar plot in his romance The Trials of Persiles and Sigismunda. Isabela Castrucha’s guardian wishes to marry her off to a cousin, and the young maiden simulates demonic possession. A doctor, an innkeeper’s wife, and her uncle all try in vain to exorcise the demons. Then enters Andreas Marulo, her secret lover, who pretends to be an exorcist who is himself a demon! The exorcist-cum-demon conducts an exorcismal rite that is also a marriage ceremony between himself and the demon that possesses Isabela.

Nicole was born in the village of Vervins, in the diocese of Laon in Picardy. Shortly before the encounter with the spirit, Nicole got married and moved with her husband to Laon. One evening, while she prayed in the local church near the cemetery where her grandfather Joachin Willot had been recently buried, the spirit of the grandfather appeared to Nicole. In this first encounter, and in a few additional meetings in the following days, the disembodied soul explained to Nicole that it had died before it had had time to confess and fulfill vows it had taken.

15 Sensational printed records of possession and exorcism also followed Montalembert in emphasizing the veracity of their descriptions. They indicated the names of participants and the exact location and date of each stage in the ceremony and often included signed letters from eyewitnesses to the exorcism. They were usually printed on paper of poor quality and ranged in size from a single broadsheet to five hundred pages. 16 Their authors had a wide audience in mind, literate, semi-literate, or even illiterate.

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