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By Todd Telander

This informative consultant makes it effortless to spot birds in a yard, favourite parks, and natural world components.

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The female has a slightly lighter, brownish back. In flight the long legs dangle behind the bird. To forage, it strides along to pick small prey from the water or vegetation and may voice a strident, barking kek in alarm. Stilts are also known to perform the broken-wing or brokenleg act to distract predators. The illustration shows an adult male. indd 33 11/17/11 12:18 PM Greater Yellowlegs, SANDPIPERS Tringa melanoleuca Family Scolopacidae (Sandpipers) Size: 14” Season: Winter in Florida Habitat: Salt- or freshwater marshes The Greater Yellowlegs is sometimes called the “tell-tale” bird, as it is the sentinel of a flock that raises alarm when danger is near, flying off and circling to return.

Its plumage is dark brown with white streaking down the head and neck and onto the front half of the body. In flight it holds the neck extended below the body creating a humpbacked appearance. Limpkins forage by walking steadily or swimming, picking out mollusk, apple snails, and other aquatic invertebrates. Its voice is a loud, raucous call. The illustration shows an adult. indd 29 11/17/11 12:18 PM Sandhill Crane, Grus canadensis PLOVERS Family Gruidae (Cranes) Size: 45” Season: Year-round in Florida Habitat: Fields, shallow wetlands, savanna The Sandhill Crane is tall bird with long, strong legs, a long neck, and a long, straight bill.

The Yellow-bellied Sapsucker is medium-size with pied black-and-white plumage and barring across the back. The head is boldly patterned black and white with a red crown and red chin (white in females). The belly is unbarred and pale yellow, while the surrounding flanks are white with black barring. In flight there is a distinct white patch on the upper wing. The illustration shows an adult male. 5” Season: Year-round in Florida Habitat: Woodlands, parks, urban areas, streamsides WOODPECKERS The Downy Woodpecker is a tiny woodpecker with a small bill and relatively large head.

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