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By Greg Cox, Kevin Grevioux, Danny McBride, Len Wiseman

Prior to UNDERWORLD, THE warfare RAGED ON.... For untold centuries, a mystery clash has been waged among immortal opponents: The vampires -- ageless aristocrats with a sensual urge for food for blood and comfort. between their ranks are the loss of life Dealers,an elite corps of the undead sworn to the destruction in their ancestral enemies.... The werewolves -- feral warriors able to starting to be hellish beasts of unearthly energy and ferocity. as soon as the devoted servants of the vampires, the savage lycans now struggle toothand claw opposed to their former masters. all through heritage, the clandestine battle has been fought within the shadows of the mortal international. And the seeds of this damaging clash have been sown in the past, while a brave lycan daredto lose his middle to a stunning vampire princess.

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Hungry lycans gnawed on the bloody bones of a disemboweled deer until their faces were liberally smeared with gore. Naked children ran amok, unheeded by the carousing adults. Grunts, groans, screams, snarls, and howls assaulted the ears. Lucian blushed with shame, humiliated to the depths of his soul by his kinship to these noisome brutes. They’re animals, he thought bitterly. Nothing but animals! Not for the first time, he wished with all his heart that he had been born a vampire instead. “Well done,” Lady Ilona whispered to him from her horse.

As much as Selene hated to admit it, the injured alpha male had the right idea. Time to get out of here, she concluded, realizing there was nothing more she could do for Diego. I have to let Kahn and the others know what happened here. But how to get away from the oncoming assassin? Her guns were barely slowing the killer down. She swiftly examined her surroundings, her gaze coming to rest on the huge marble sphere, about the size of a large boulder, poised between the gargantuan bronze hands. A crazy idea occurred to her.

Moving like shadows, the Death Dealers spread out around the clearing. Soren tugged on the leashes of his hounds, urging them to follow him as he vanished into the woods to the east on his way to the opposite side of the meadow. Expertly trained, the hunting dogs would keep silent until Soren set them loose. The lady waited until all the beaters had sufficient time to get into position before raising an ivory hunting horn to her immaculate lips. Behind her, grim-faced Death Dealers readied nets of iron mesh.

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