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By Felix Bronner; Mary Farach-Carson

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207. Prabhakar U, James JE, Dodds RA, Lee-Rykaczewski E, Rieman DJ, Lipshutz D, et al. (1998) A novel human bone marrow stroma-derived cell line TF274 is highly osteogenic in vitro and in vivo. Calcif Tissue Int 63:214-20. 208. Prufer K, Racz A, Lin GC, Barsony J (2000) Dimerization with retinoid X receptors prornotes nuclear localization and subnuclear targeting of vitamin D receptors. J Biol Chem 275:41114-23. 209. Qiu QQ, Ducheyne P, Ayyaswamy PS (2000) New bioactive, degradable composite microspheres as tissue engineering substrates.

A comprehensive understanding of osteoblast behavior and function must therefore be based on understanding both transcriptional and post-translational regulation of the expression of important gene products. Differentiation/Matrix Production/Mineralization A primary function of the osteoblast is to differentiate into astate capable of secreting a highly specialized cakifying matrix. An extensive literature describes conditions for in vitro culture that maintain the osteoblastic phenotype of primary cells, reports on new celllines, on differentiation markers, studies of gene and protein expression, functional studies, and studies of receptors and potential therapeutic targets.

Kobayashi T, Okada K, Kuroda T, Sato K (1997) Osteogenic cell cytotoxicity and biomechanical strength of the new ceramic Diopside. J Biomed Mater Res 37:100-7. 143. Kodama HA, Amagai Y,Koyama H,Kasai S (1982) A new preadipose cellline derived from newborn mouse calvaria can promote the proliferation of pluripotent hemopoietic stern cells in vitra. J Cell PhysioI112:89-95. 144. Koshihara Y, Kawamura M, Endo S, Tsutsumi C, Kodama H, Oda H, et al. (1989) Establishment of human osteoblastie cells derived from periosteum in culture.

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