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By Stephen L. Whittington, David M. Reed

Contains an listed bibliography of the 1st one hundred fifty years of Maya osteology. This quantity pulls jointly a spectrum of bioarchaeologists that exhibit amazing information on Maya genetic courting, demography, and illnesses.

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12001530) when population is estimated to have reached between approximately 7000 and 11,000 people (D. Chase 1990). The Corozal Postclassic Project (Chase 1982; Chase and Chase 1988) excavated 134 interments, including two formal tombs, at Santa Rita Corozal from 1980 through 1985. 3 are current through the 1994 season at Caracol, Belize. Additional data gathered as a result of the 1995 and 1996 field seasons do not change the conclusions presented here or significantly alter any percentages relative to Caracol burial practices.

However, some information on potentially significant (and also less significant) lesions and conditions has been obtained. Several less significant, but nonetheless interesting, lesions present in single or small numbers of individuals and described in detail in the Cuello report will not be further discussed here; they include spondylolisthesis, neurofibroma, osteoid osteomas, and sinusitis (Saul and 5auI1991). In the discussion that follows, individuals are considered to be "evaluable" for a certain trait or lesion if the necessary skeletal element(s) or teeth are sufficiently preserved to permit inspection for the specific trait or lesion in question.

Evans (1973), in his study of calculus and caries in the Tayasal sample, suggested the presence of a dietary imbalance (specifically a high-carbohydrate, low-protein diet) throughout much of the site's history. How much of a potential role the environment played in the health picture cannot be determined at this time. From this rather limited sample, it is unclear whether the seaside Santa Rita population was healthier than either the lakeside Tayasal or the upland Caracol populations. Dental Modification (Filing and Inlays) Dental modification is extremely variable across the three sites.

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