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Konzepte objektorientierter Programmierung: Mit einer Einführung in Java

Das Buch bietet eine kompakte Einf? hrung in die Konzepte objektorientierter Programmierung. Es erl? utert das Objekt- und Klassenkonzept, beschreibt Kapselungstechniken und geht detailliert auf Subtyping und Vererbung ein. Software-Wiederverwendung in shape von Bibliotheksbausteinen und Programmger? sten (Frameworks) wird am Beispiel der Verarbeitung von Str?

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Statementn is executed. Whichever caseList has a value equal to that of selectorExpression determines the statement to be used. If none of the caseLists has the same value as selectorExpression, then the statements in the else clause (if there is one) are executed. Close; Compute: CalculateTotal(UnitCost, Quantity); else Beep; end; Control loops Loops allow you to execute a sequence of statements repeatedly, using a control condition or variable to determine when the execution stops. Object Pascal has three kinds of control loop: repeat statements, while statements, and for statements.

The identifier is available to any function or procedure in the unit, including the initialization and finalization sections, if present. the definition of a record type (that is, the identifier is the name of a field in the record) from the point of its declaration to the end of the record-type definition. ) the definition of a class (that is, the identifier is the name of a data field property or method in the class) from the point of its declaration to the end of the class-type definition, and also includes descendants of the class and the blocks of all methods in the class and its descendants.

A token is the smallest meaningful unit of text in a program. A separator is either a blank or a comment. Strictly speaking, it is not always necessary to place a separator between two tokens; for example, the code fragment Size:=20;Price:=10; is perfectly legal. Convention and readability, however, dictate that we write this as Size := 20; Price := 10; Tokens are categorized as special symbols, identifiers, reserved words, directives, numerals, labels, and character strings. A separator can be part of a token only if the token is a character string.

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