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By Jayne Castle

The island of Rainshadow is domestic to the mysterious, privately-owned woods identified merely because the defend. Now, after fifteen years away, either Charlotte Enright and her youngster weigh down, Slade Attridge, have again. yet will their psi abilities and Slade's airborne dirt and dust bunny significant other be adequate to maintain them from getting drawn into the darkness on the middle of the shield?

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Slade was not deceived. He went down the steps. Cautiously he jacked up his other senses a couple of degrees. He knew better. The doctors at the clinic had warned him against pushing his talent beyond a very minimal range. But he was unable to resist. He had to know how much worse the damage was getting, had to know how much time he had left before his senses shut down altogether and he went psi-blind. His other vision kicked in for a few seconds. Waterfront Street—with its weathered, wooden storefronts—the ferry landing, and the marina began to glow in eerie shades of ultralight.

He stopped, distracted by the intriguing sensations. It was so ice-rez, this feeling. Scary, sometimes, but incredibly ice-rez. Reluctantly he withdrew into himself. The unnatural colors and lighting in the atmosphere faded back to normal. He was still vaguely aware of some of the sparkling waterfall-like sensations but they no longer distracted him. He could control this feeling, he realized. That was also very cool. ” Charlotte straightened up from the crate she had been unpacking, brushed off her hands, and walked toward him.

You don’t always understand what’s happening to you. And other people will think you’re strange. ” Devin asked softly. ” Having this conversation was probably a mistake, Slade thought, just like inviting Charlotte to dinner tonight. He had established a strict rule for himself when he took the job. The rule was simple. Don’t get personally involved with the locals. He wanted no strings attached when he finally got his act together and boarded the ferry six months from now to leave for good. But today he had broken the rule twice.

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