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By H. Fischer (auth.), H. Fischer (eds.)

Free radicals, that are key intermediates in lots of thermal, photochemical and radiation strategies, are very important for a formal realizing of basic ordinary tactics and the profitable improvement of natural syntheses. After approximately one decade quantity II/18 serves as a complement and extension to quantity II/13 and covers cost constants and different kinetic info of loose radical reactions in beverages. in addition II/18 comprises new chapters on reactions of radicals in excited states and of carbenes, nitrenes and analogues. chosen species in aqueous options for which different compilations can be found have been intentionally passed over as sooner than, and for a similar cause electron move equilibria of natural radicals weren't covered.

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Ref. Rate data o-(p-vinylbenz)poly(methylmethacrylate) radical 1 2 (CH,),C -CH,-@CHCH,R- 74) - polymer ” 0-CH, Phot. of AIBN + macromonomer KESR C6H6 303. 1 A primary radical with a secondary radical CCH,ClI,W-G1 CH,Cl + CHCl, - product Pulsed rad. 2 Two tertiary radicals CGH7O1, l CGH601- . products (CH,),CO + (CH,),COH Phot. of acetone and isopropanol KAS 298 Hz0 74) Authors claim that this is the likely structure of the observed long-lived radical. 75) Values of n based on average molecular mass of polymer.

5 products 3 Phot. of corresp. 5V/V) products 2CH 3OmCmOCH 3 Phot. of corresp. 5V/V) 68) Errors k-c30%, A,,, not larger than k 5 nm, E~30%. 1 Self reactions Radical’s gross formula Reaction Radical generation Method [Ref. p. / add. ref. 13 Radicals with 15 conjugated electrons dimer Reduct. 0 kJmol-’ A!? 65(36). 4 CGsH,oW CHO dimer Reduct. of 9-formyl anthracene CV and DPSC “) DMF CN dirwr Reduct. 2 294 82Amal a9) Double potential step chronoamperometry. ‘O) Rate independent of acetic acid concentration up to 40 mM.

Landolt-Biimstein New Series II/KM 84Kor2 41 Ref. p. 1 Self reactions Solvent @@-cH2cIf3 Phot. / add. ref. l(4)kJmol-’ AS” = -139(2)Jmol-’ K-l 2 MN--CH(CH,), Phot. 12 Radicals with 13 conjugated electrons 2BrMQLBrPhot. of corresp. c610= 5040 M-‘cm-’ AH? 2kJ mol-’ ASt = 13 Jmol-‘K-l 63) DI = dimer intermediate proposed as a x-bonded radical pair. 64) Errors k<30%, A,,, not larger than f 5 nm, E-C30%. 1 Self reactions Radical’s gross formula Reaction Radical generation Method [Ref. p. / add. ref.

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