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By Israel Regardie

• creation from famous Golden sunrise student Pat Zalewski
• contains the outlet of the Watchtower Ritual for Self Transformation

The right operating of formality is on the center of the Western magical culture. This publication indicates precisely how ceremonial recommendations can be utilized to pay attention and harness the large psychic and religious capability of human awareness. Dr. Regardie’s specified research and outline of key rituals are in line with his personal significant adventure and his wisdom of Golden sunrise ideas. as well as delivering functional directions on gowns, ritual gear and decor, he additionally hyperlinks present occult perform to broader old precedents.

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Sit quietly facin~ the East, not passively, but in stillness, meditatin~ and attemptin~ to feel the presence above you, around you and within you. 27. When you feel ready, after whatever spiritual exercise you may feel impelled to do and after whatever spiritual realization you may have followed, use the final peroration from the Bornless Ritual, a paean of triumph and attainment, which may be used as the climax of the entire Ritual. 28. 'I am He, the Bornless Spirit, having sight in the feet, strong and the Immortal Fire.

0 eternal soul of souls! 0 imperishable breath of life! 0 creative sigh! ' Point (19) is the place to insert the Prayer of the Gnomes or Earth elementals. , who, takin}! hty power. Thou whose name shaketh the arches of the world . Thou who causest the seven metals to Row in the veins of the rocks. king of the seven lights. rewarder of the subterranean workers, lead us into the desirable air and into the realm of splendour. ly. h the centre of the Earth! 0 Lord, 0 Lord, 0 Lord! Have pity UpOIl those who suffer.

To feel with me the warmth of this sacred lamp, as a symbol of Fire. ) To eat with me this Bread and Salt (or Wafer, as the case may be) as types of Earth. (Dips bread in salt and eats - or eats wafer. ) And fmally to drink with me this Wine, the consecrated emblem of elemental Water. ) He then returns the goblet to its place alongside the Water Cup, and passes Clockwise to the East of the Altar facing West. If a companion is present, he will pass to the West of the Altar vacated by the student, making the proiecting Sign but not the sign of silence.

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