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Chapter 1 Chairman's starting comments (pages 2–3): W. Feldberg
Chapter 2 Distribution of Histamine within the physique (pages 4–13): W. Feldberg
Chapter three Histamine and Mast Cells (pages 14–19): G.B. West
Chapter four Histamine and Intracellular debris (pages 20–35): F.C. Macintosh
Chapter five unfastened and Conjugated Histamine (pages 36–44): J.H. Gaddum
Chapter 6 brief conversation: Histamine and Mast Cells (pages 45–46): James F. Riley
Chapter 7 brief communique: motion of 48/80 at the Mast cellphone inhabitants and Histamine content material of the Wall of the Gastro?Intestinal Tract of the Rat (pages 47–50): I. Mota, W.T. Beraldo, A.G. Ferri and L.C.U. Junqueira
Chapter eight brief verbal exchange: The Isolation of Imidazoleacetic Acid Riboside (page 51): H. Tabor
Chapter nine brief communique: Histaminopexig motion of Blood Serum (pages 52–56): Jean?Louis Parrot and Claude Laborde
Chapter 10 brief communique: Inhibition of Histidine Decarboxylase in vivo by way of Derivatives of Benzyl?1?Isoquinoline (pages 57–58): Jean?Louis Parrot and Claude Laborde
Chapter eleven The Mechanism of Histamine free up (pages 59–73): W. D. M. Paton
Chapter 12 dimension of Histamine?Releasing job (pages 74–91): J.L. Mongar
Chapter thirteen Histamine unlock via lengthy Chain Molecules (pages 92–123): B.N. Halpern
Chapter 14 Histamine liberate by way of clearly happening elements (pages 124–138): M. Rocha and E. Silva
Chapter 15 Histamine unlock and Anaphylaxis (pages 139–149): H.O Schild
Chapter sixteen brief verbal exchange: Antihistamine medications and Histamine liberate, specifically in Anaphylaxis (pages 150–154): J.J. Reuse
Chapter 17 brief conversation: free up of Histamine—Clinical concerns (pages 155–159): H.O.J. Collier
Chapter 18 brief verbal exchange: the discharge of mobile Histamine in Rabbit Blood by means of Dextran and Dextran Sulphate (pages 160–166): C.G. Haining
Chapter 19 brief verbal exchange: Histamine unencumber and the Angio?Oedema kind of response (pages 167–169): M. Schachter
Chapter 20 brief verbal exchange: The Mode of Histamine Binding in Animal Tissues (pages 170–172): Floyd C. McIntire
Chapter 21 brief verbal exchange: Endogenous Histamine Liberation in guy (pages 173–174): J. Lecomte
Chapter 22 brief verbal exchange: A sluggish Reacting Substance in Anaphylaxis—“SRS?A” (pages 175–179): W.E. Brocklehurst
Chapter 23 brief verbal exchange: a few Discrepancies within the Histamine conception of Anaphylaxis in gentle Muscle (pages 180–182): D.F. Hawkins and L.M. Rosa
Chapter 24 The starting place and destiny of Histamine within the physique (pages 183–188): R.W. Schayer
Chapter 25 Histamine and Gastric Secretion (pages 189–219): Charles F. Code
Chapter 26 Histamine and Vasodilatation (pages 220–234): R.F. Whelan
Chapter 27 Histamine and Nerves (pages 235–241): U.S. von Euler
Chapter 28 epidermis Histamine (pages 242–247): W.L.M. Perry
Chapter 29 the importance of Histaminase within the physique (pages 248–257): G. Kahlson
Chapter 30 brief verbal exchange: at the category and Nomenclature of Amine Oxidases (pages 258–263): E.A Zeller
Chapter 31 brief communique: Histamine in Nerves (pages 264–269): E. Werle
Chapter 32 brief verbal exchange: Histamine and Gastric Secretion (pages 270–271): R.A. Gregory
Chapter 33 brief conversation: The impact of intercourse Hormones on Histaminase (pages 272–277): R. Kapeller?Adler
Chapter 34 brief conversation: The motion of Histamine at the Sympathetic apprehensive method (pages 278–279): Ullrich Trendelenburg
Chapter 35 brief communique: Histamine and the Vasodilator Axon Reflex of the outside (pages 280–281): Jean?Louis Parrot
Chapter 36 brief verbal exchange: Imidazoleacetic acid Metabolism in micro organism (pages 282–283): H. Tabor
Chapter 37 The foundation of Histamine within the physique (pages 284–297): J. H. Gaddum
Chapter 38 The starting place of Histamine within the physique (pages 298–317): R. W. Schayer
Chapter 39 The destiny of Histamine within the physique (pages 318–338): Herbert Tabor
Chapter forty The destiny of Histamine within the physique, with specific connection with the Enzymology of Histamine Oxidation (pages 339–355): E. A. Zeller
Chapter forty-one Is Histaminase exact with Diamine Oxidase? (pages 356–380): R. Kapeller?Adler
Chapter forty two feedback at the position of Histamine in Mammalian Tissues (pages 381–397): H. Blaschko
Chapter forty three the site of Histamine within the physique (pages 398–415): James F. Riley
Chapter forty four The Mechanism of Histamine liberate (pages 416–430): Floyd C. McIntire
Chapter forty five Mechanism of Histamine unencumber (pages 431–460): Georges Ungar

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More properly, B. WEST G. 18 this should be regarded as a large solitary lesion of the skin disease, urticaria pigmentosa. It was composed almost entirely of mast cells; there were no eosinophils. There was some evidence of activity since many cells were pleomorphic and some showed perinuclear clear areas in the cytoplasm. I n places, there were even mitoses. This lesion contained no less than 950 pg. histamine per g. tissue-by far the highest histamine content of any human tissue so far recorded by us.

Some of Grossberg’s early experiments, however, did suggest that freshly homogenized liver contains a dialysable inhibitor of histamine release; the finding was not regularly reproducible, and has not been followed up. The use of the particle preparation has added a number of new substances to the long list of histamine liberators. , 1953). It is interesting that all of these are potent antagonists of heparin. 02 ? p. &plasma histamine (Dog liver particles at p H 8 ) Cat Polylysine hydrochloride (n = 15) 40 I Toluidine blue HISTAMINE AND INTRACELLULAR PARTICLES 27 but in vitro they are, weight for weight, about as effective as 48/80.

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