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By Ciba Foundation, G. E. W. Wolstenholme, Margaret P. Cameron, Jessie S. Freeman

Chapter 1 Biochemical elements of Semen (pages 1–11): T. Mann
Chapter 2 The Seminal Amino?Acid and Carbohydrate development of Bulls with common and irregular Testes functionality (pages 12–27): F.X. Gassner and M.L. Hopwood
Chapter three Excretion of impartial Steroids within the Urine of Bulls with Warmth?Induced Aspermia. The impact of shipping on Spermatogenesis and Excretion of impartial Steroids within the Urine of Bulls (pages 28–36): P. Meschaks
Chapter four The impact of delivery on Spermatogenesis and Excretion of impartial Steroids within the Urine of Bulls (pages 37–45): P. Meschaks
Chapter five Aeroic Metabolism and Semen caliber (pages 46–58): C. Terner
Chapter 6 components Controlling premiums of Metabolism in Mammalian Spermatozoa (pages 59–70): Henry A. Lardy
Chapter 7 Proteolytic Enzymes in Human Semen (pages 71–81): Frank Lundquist
Chapter eight a few elements Influencing the toughness of Bull Sperm Cells in vitro (pages 82–90): J.C.N. Kok
Chapter nine The impact of Streptomycin on Bull Semen (pages 91–102): D.R. Melrose
Chapter 10 Semen features and Fertility within the Bull (pages 103–107): M.W.H. Bishop, R.C. Campbell and J.L. Hancock
Chapter eleven The maintenance of Spermatozoa at Low Temperatures (pages 108–121): C. Polge
Chapter 12 The hobbies of Spermatozoa (pages 122–133): Lord Rothschild
Chapter thirteen Human Spermatozan creation in future health and sickness (pages 134–158): John Macleod
Chapter 14 Physiological methods excited by Spermatozoan delivery within the Cow (pages 159–169): N.L. Vandemark
Chapter 15 The impact of managed Ovulation upon the Fertility of the Mammalian Egg (pages 170–179): S.A. Asdell
Chapter sixteen Hormonal Mechanism of the 1st Polar physique Formation within the Follicle (pages 180–186): R. Moricard and S. Gothie
Chapter 17 learn at the Formation of the second one Polar physique within the Tube After front of the Sperm into the Oocyte: (Comparative stories in vivo and in vitro) (pages 187–197): R. Moricard
Chapter 18 a few facets of Ovulation, restoration and Transplantation of Ova within the Immature Rabbit (pages 198–216): C.E. Adams
Chapter 19 In vitro Experiments with Rabbit Eggs (pages 217–225): Audrey U. Smith
Chapter 20 Fertilizability of Rabbit Germ Cells (pages 226–242): M.C. Chang
Chapter 21 Experiments on Fertilization of Rabbit Ova in vitro with next move to Alien Does (pages 243–252): O. Venge
Chapter 22 Early loss of life of the Mammalian Ovum with unique connection with the Aplacental Opossum (pages 253–261): Carl G. Hartman
Chapter 23 a few components Affecting Fertilization and Embryonic demise (pages 262–274): L.E. Casida
Chapter 24 Post?Coital exams (pages 275–286): P.M.F. Bishop
Chapter 25 result of Post?Coital exams the place being pregnant Ensued (pages 287–295): Ian Donald

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Ciba Foundation Symposium - Mammalian Germ Cells

Content material: bankruptcy 1 Biochemical elements of Semen (pages 1–11): T. MannChapter 2 The Seminal Amino? Acid and Carbohydrate trend of Bulls with basic and irregular Testes functionality (pages 12–27): F. X. Gassner and M. L. HopwoodChapter three Excretion of impartial Steroids within the Urine of Bulls with heat? triggered Aspermia.

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MANY: One would expect bull spermatozoa to be motile in the a m p u l k because, as I have shown, in the bull both the ampullar glands and the seminal vesicles secrete fructose. In the case of the boar, however, there is no ampulla and consequently fructose is contributed only by the seminal vesicles. I was very much interested, Dr. Gassner, in your remark that tyrosine was present in the ampulla. e. in the fluid separated from the spermatozoa? GASSXER:Yes, it is in the secretion stripped from the ampulla.

This investigation was carried out in collaboration with Jfr. D R. JIelrose of the Reading Cattle Breeding Centre. 46 AEROBICMETABOLISM A N D SEMENQUALITY 47 reactions, we thought that it might be possible t o establish a relationship between synthetic capacity and semen quality, and to use DNP, which is known to inhibit synthetic reactions (Clifton, 1946) as a reagent for the rapid detection of the more active samples of semen. Table I shows two experiments typical of a number designed to study the metabolism of pyruvate in washed bull spermatozoa.

I MAR. 1. Neutral steroid excretion of two bulls showing transport “stress” (A=Vassal; B =Guss). excretion of urinary steroids. Apparently the biopsy was the cause of these changes. Case 6. A Friesian bull, two years of age, showed damage in spermatogenesis after transport to another farm. 11. but showed a tendency to become worse. Apparently further transport produced an additional stimulation of the adrenal cortex. /l. and the semen quality became poorer. 3 before biopsy and complete TRANSPORT STRESSA N D SPERMATOGEKESIS 43 absence of spermatozoa afterwards.

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