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By Timothy Ursiny, Gary DeMoss, Jim Morel

Promoting within the twenty first century is a complete new online game. on a daily basis you face expert and skeptical dealers who're uninterested in conventional revenues options and methods. a complete new technique is required, and everybody is seeing some great benefits of coaching.Coaching the Sale brings the ability of training to the revenues strategy. It comprises a deferential technique the place you create options together with your clients, leading to higher buy-in and elevated customer loyalty.Using the 3D revenues answer, you'll research to:--Discover the Issues--Discuss Solutions--Decide an OutcomeCoaching the Sale is a wholly new method of revenues, one designed to win over modern cynical consumers. in case you learn how to paintings together with your consumers and produce them in your staff, they'll allow you to trainer them to greater revenues and a long term courting.

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Does it get the results of which you know you are capable? If not, then consider the three-step model that we are presenting in this book. A Simple Coaching Model Specific to the Sales Interaction While many parts of a coaching model translate well to sales, it is necessary to tweak the model somewhat in order to make a sale. In pure coaching, the coach does not have an agenda such as making a sale. In a sales situation, there is no way to completely avoid having an agenda. Heck, you have to make a living!

Coaching Skills Observation Form—Self-Assessment Skill Understands prospect’s goals and motivators Asks powerful questions Listens well using all three listening styles Reflects and clarifies Strategizes and problem solves Works through blocks to achieving goals Moves conversation to action/solution How did I demonstrate these in my conversation with the prospect (use specific examples)? How could I have done each of these a little better (give specific suggestions to yourself)? 55 Coaching_2xREFLOW 56 6/26/06 4:48 PM Page 56 Coaching the Sale EXERCISE: Coaching Skills Objective Assessment Invite your sales manager, a peer, a friend, or a long-term client with whom you have a completely solid relationship to help you see additional areas for improvement.

Part of the power of the model is that if you get poor sales results from it, you change what you are doing. You can quickly determine whether the product or service just isn’t right for the prospect or if you failed to skillfully execute part of the model. If you “messed up,” then you simply return to the previous stage of the model to recover and achieve a more successful conversation. Our next three chapters will cover each of the three phases of the 3D sales coaching conversation in detail.

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