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By John Dee, Edward Kelly, Donald C. Laycock

In 1581, Dr. John Dee, an consultant within the court docket of Queen Elizabeth I, all started a sequence of experiments meant to discover the facility to touch the spirit global. With Edward Kelley performing because the medium in those experiments, Dee used to be in a position to list those communications as they have been transmitted in Enochian - the language of the angels.

Donald Laycock has completely analyzed the paintings of Dee and Kelley. during this quantity, he recounts the historical past in their experiments. the remainder of the paintings involves a pronunciation consultant for the twenty-one letters, major to untangling either the which means and the derivation of the messages passed down from Dee and Kelley, and a easy Enochian-English/English-Enochian dictionary. the result's a desirable linguistic and magical secret tale, necessary to any examine of the Enochian tradition.

Stephen Skinner's lucid preface units the tone and historic context for today's readers.

Important: this can be a beautiful crude test of the booklet, in no way it's fresh and neat yet it's additionally completely readable so I'm importing it in case anyone is drawn to the topic considering the fact that as at the present time I couldn't discover a greater reproduction round the web. soak up attention this sooner than downloading!

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It is not expected that this will cause the reader any inconvenience in finding words. All variants are cross-referenced to the best possible form of the word as used by Dee, as far as this can be determined; but where there are many Dee variants, these are usually to be taken as all equivalent. A few variant words are to be found a line or two away from their true alphabetical place, to avoid multiplying cross-references; thus butamonu occurs within the entry butmon, and not before it. This should not cause inconvenience; if a word is not found at its strict alphabetical place, simply look a line or two higher or lower.

Variants that appear to arise from miscopying or printers' errors are marked with a following asterisk: thus coasg* (for caosg). Such errors are frequent in all previously published works containing any Enochian material; it is to be hoped that the printer treats this work better. A fairly comprehensive list of divine and angelic names, mainly from Dee's magical manuscripts, is included, but the reader is warned against regarding this list as complete, in the sense of giving the key to the complete Dee magical system.

Mome6 was (and shall be) crowned. = asPt, = as before. ta, was as. 79 Atogbo Ascha God. Ash cacodemon, counterPart of the angel Sftal. Asi cacodemon, counterpart of the angel Sisp. Asndood Senior of Fire, associated with Luna. name of the Twenty-First Aethyr. Asp aspian as-pi-an quality, qualities. Aspiaon Governor of the Third Division of the Aethyr Deo. aspt asapata asapeta as apeta* before, in front of. AC: G AC: C, G AC: G astel (meaning unknown). a symp, with another. Divine Name of Five Letters, ruling Fire of Water.

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