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T) Discussion of rxn. mechanism of protono1ysis and ha1odemeta11ation (1379) . 2 TETRAORGANOGERMANES WITH THREE DIFFERENT ORGANlC GROUPS The nonfunetional organogermanes containing three different organic groups are listed in Table 3. The eompounds are prepared by methods summarized in the following seheme. I Grignard synthesis: (lA) R2R 'GeCl + R"MgX ~ R2GeR 'R' , (IB) R'R"GeC12 + RMgX ~ R2GeR'R II , (IC) CH2CH2CH2GeBu2 + ICI, + EtMgBr ~ EtPrGeBu2 II Synthesis with organolithium compounds: (IlA) R3GeCl + R 'Li ~ R3 GeR' , (IlB) R3GeX + BuLi ...

By rxn. of Ph3 GeH with BuLi, in low yie1d (105), with K in (Me2N)3POEt20, fo11owed by BuBr, in 62% yie1d (1634, 2983). By rxn. of P~GeLi with n-BuBr in (MeOCH2 )2 (105), with n-B~P04 in THF, in . 67% yie1d (1928). By rxn. of Ph3 GeSMe with BuLi, in 81% yie1d (227). By rxn. of P~GeOR with BuLi in THF-hexane or (Me2NCH2)2, in 35-74% yield (2675). : m. o~ 160°, far IR (105) and mass (1109) spectra. Other nonfunctiona1 tetraorganogermanes with two different organie substituents are compi1ed in Tab1e 2.

E) Rxn. with SnC14 ~ Me2BuGeC1 (2292). (f) Rxn. with Hg(OAe)2 ~ M~GeCH2CHOHCH2CH2HgOAe (127). (g) Ana1. detn. by fusion and vo1umetrie titration (265). (h) Rxn. t. (112); po1arographie reduetion (112). * Numbers in parenthesis refer to pages in main volume. 1. R M~GeR Formu1a* Tab1e 2. o ...... p-C6~Ph Et (7) n-Pr (7) i-Pr n-Bu Ph (8) CH2 Ph (PhCH2 ) 2GeBu2 (PhCH2 )sGeEt (PhCH2)SGeBu n-Bu (8) i-Pr n-Pr (8) Et (8) R = CH2Ph MeGeRS R Me2GeR2 Formu1a* Tab1e 2 Continued - Ph2 Ge - ~Ge - RsGeH IIA IIA IIA lIIA lA IVC lA IVA - ~Ge IVC - RsGeH (j) IVB - RsGeH VIA (d) IB, IIA IB, IIA VIA (d) IB, IIA ID - MeGeIs lA ID - Me2GeC12 IIB - Me2GeC12 ID - Ph2GeX2 (i) IVA IVB IB, IB, IB, lA IVD Synth.

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