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By Henri-Marcel Hoogewoud M.D., Günter Rager, Hans-Beat Burch M.D. (auth.)

When computed tomography (CT) was once constructed and brought by means of Hounsfield (1973), a brand new period of medical diagnostic capability all started. whilst CT created new problems, in that the physicians who needed to take care of the CT photographs weren't accustomed to their interpre­ tation. for this reason, it grew to become essential to examine CT scans with ana­ tomical sections, which gave more information via advantage in their greater answer, different colours and consistencies of the struc­ tures, and the prospect to track those constructions throughout a number of sections. a number of atlases evaluating CT scans and anatomical sections have been pub­ lished quickly after the creation of the hot method. The resolving energy of the hot scanners has elevated give some thought to­ ably, necessitating a renewed comparability among CT scans and ana­ tomical sections. A threefold want for higher-quality anatomical sec­ tions has additionally develop into obtrusive: First, tissue maintenance might be very good. moment, the sections shouldn't be thicker than the scans ob­ tained by way of the CT approach. 3rd, the sequence of sections might be entire so that it will enable third-dimensional reconstructions. we have now attempted to satisfy those requisites, proscribing ourselves to the research of the decrease extremity. The leg needed to be scanned serially, then reduce in serial sections in the sort of manner that the CT planes and the ana­ tomical sections corresponded optimally. As many sections needed to be il­ lustrated as have been essential to display alterations within the inner struc­ ture of the extremity at any place they occurred.

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Obturator intern us; 22 N. ischiadicus; 23 Canalis analis; 24 M. sphincter ani externus 39 14 15 I 2 16 3 17 4 18 19 5 6 7 8 9 10 II 12 13 40 Plate 17 14 2 15 4 16 5 6 17 18 19 20 21 8 22 9 23 10 II 24 13 1 M. sartorius; 2 Fascia lata; 3 M. rectus femoris; 4 M. tensor fasciae latae; 5 M. vastus intermedius; 6 M. vastus medialis; 7 M. vastus lateralis; 8 Tractus iliotibialis; 9 Corpus ossis femoris; 10 Linea aspera; 11 Septum intermusculare femoris laterale; 12 Septum intermusculare femoris posterius; 13 Caput commune mm.

Gemellus superior; 10M. gluteus maxim us ; 11 A. femoralis; 12 V. femoralis ; 13 Corpus ossis pubis; 14 Facies lunata; 15 Fossa acetabuli et Lig. capitis femoris; 16 Caput ossis femoris; 17 Corpus ossis ischii ; 18 M. obturator internus; 19 Spina ischiadica; 20 Lig. sacrospinale; 21 N. tensor fasciae latae; 7 Lig. pubofemorale; 8 Tractus iliotibialis; 9 M. gluteus medius; 10 Capsula articularis; 11 Lig. gemellus superior; 14 M. femoralis; 16 Y. femoralis; 17Corpus ossis pubis; 18 Facies lunata; 19 Fossa acetabuli et Lig.

Quadricipitis femoris; 2 Bursa suprapatellaris; 3 Retinaculum patellae laterale ; 4M. vastus intermedius; 5 M. vastus lateralis; 6 Tractus iIiotibialis; 7 Metaphysis ossis femoris; 8 Septum intermusculare femoris laterale; 9 N. peroneus communis; 10 N. tibialis; 11 Caput breve m. bicipitis femoris; 12 Caput longum m. bicipitis femons; 13 M. vastus medialis; 14 A. poplitea; 15 V. poplitea; 16 M. sartorius; 17 M. semimembranosus; 18 V. saphena magna; 19 M. gracilis; 20 M. semitendinosus 49 2 ----------~--2 ~~-------- 3 II ~--~~-----== ~==~~-------1312 4 5 14 6 15 16 17 7 8 18 9 19 10 20 21 22 50 Plate 22 I 2 12 3 13 4 5 14 16 17 18 7 8 9 19 20 10 21 1 Tendo m.

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