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Книга Concorde ConcordeКниги Наука. Техника Автор: Kev Darling Год издания: 2004 Формат: pdf Издат.:Crowood Press Страниц: 192 Размер: 85.76 ISBN: 1861266545 Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:On January 14, 1947, Chuck Yeager first broke the sound barrier aboard his Bell X-1. Twenty-nine years later, on January 21, 1976, Concorde, the 1st advertisement passenger airplane in overseas provider to repeatedly function at supersonic speeds, made its first scheduled flight. This publication tells the tale of this notable interval in aviation heritage, together with the technical achievements and the ability and ingenuity of the designers and engineers that made all of it attainable.

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Available for use in an emergency. BBA Collection ensured that the intake ramp was at the right position to allow the correct mass of air to enter the engi ne. Having matched the engines and intakes, other systems came into play when thrust augmentation or reheat was selected, since the convergent-divergent nozzle had to match the operating parameters of the engine at the time of selection. These nozzles had different operating modes, they were slightly convergent at take-off, while in supersonic cruise mode they are described as convergent-divergent to give the best rate of expansion efficiency, and the final mode saw the thrust reverser buckets fully closed to provide thrust reversal on landing.

Artificial feel was provided on all three axes, the units being based around a spring the tension of which increased as did speed. As this happens, the range of movement available to the pilots was limited and thus the possibility of airframe overstress was greatly reduced. Aiding the flight-control systems was the stall warning system, which received data from the pitch channel of the auto- 62 stabilization/air data computer. The first visible indication given to the pilots that Concorde might be approaching the stall was activation of the stick shaker system.

The airframe split eventually became 6l}-40 in favour of France. with the powerplant work swinging the other way. BBA Collection built up. Once the end of course was reached each crew member underwent a thorough examination set jointly by the manufacturers and the European Joint Airworthiness Authority. All successful candidates then went to a flight simulator either in Paris or Filton. As with all flight simulators, each is a complicated machine housed in an air-conditioned room. Externally they are box-shaped structures mounted on a series of hydraulic rams whose purpose is to simulate movement around all three axes.

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