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By Laurell K. Hamilton

4 favourite authors current their favourite characters in all-new stories of bloodlust, appetites that has to be sated time and again, and the fervour that feeds them.

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And now, of course, if she ever did feel the sun, it would be the last thing she felt. html Like that was a bad thing. There were nights when it was tempting to stay on the beach, watch the sun come up, die in fire and light and blazing agony, be done, be over, be still. Be dead… for real. At her feet, her supper gasped and thrashed and finally passed out. He was big and dark and strong— had been strong—but she'd had no trouble taking him. His kind went easy.

He was big and dark and strong— had been strong—but she'd had no trouble taking him. His kind went easy.

My voice started out a little shaky, but I gained firmness as I talked, until the last was said in an almost normal voice. "You've got my permission to date, or fuck, or whatever. " He leaned against the island, arms crossing over that expanse of pale chest. " "I have a coffin in your basement. html He could have said a lot of things that I'd expected, but that wasn't one of them. "I'm sorry, Damian, it never occurred to me. " He gave a small smile. " Then I realized something. "You mean like bring strangers here.

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