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By David Michael Cunningham

Growing Magickal Entities is a entire reference guide that offers step by step directions for growing entities via astral manipulation that may swap your lifestyles. This guide, written via 3 training occultists, unearths magickal and alchemical equipment, many which were misplaced and suppressed during the a while, in a refreshingly smooth manner that magickal practitioners of any culture can comprehend.

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There are entities that are known as general purpose, or general service, entities. These entities are fashioned with only a general realm of influence. The advantage of creating a general service entity is to have an entity "on call" that is able to work on any type of issue within a set field, say for example health. Every time you may have a health issue, you could call upon your health entity to help you out—sort of like a general practitioner doctor. The more that you use your health entity, the more power it receives.

Every n u m b e r has a specific "characteristic" w h i c h can lend to us an idea of w h a t the entity can look like. O u r example entity, Firi Waspim, has the letter "F" as a head and the letter "M" as the feet. So, looking to o u r n u merology, we see t h a t the letter "F" is the n u m b e r six. The n u m b e r six, w h i c h is feminine in nature, will provide o u r entity w i t h female-like features in the face. Since the n u m b e r 46 YOUR ENTITY'S APPEARANCE six is associated -with occupations like artists, host/hostess, advisers, public speakers, etc.

In ancient times people would use stones and crystals, w i t h appropriate attributes, to bind an entity to a plant that had similar attributes to the entity's realm of influence. As long as the plant a n d stones were h a r m o n i o u s w i t h the entity, it would use the plant as a home while w o r k i n g w i t h the person t h a t b o u n d it. The stones served to charge the plant w i t h the energy of the entity and w i t h its realm of influence. If you have a green t h u m b and a bit of ingenuity and creativity, y o u could do something similar.

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