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This is often the 1st time those complimentary grimoires were sure into one quantity. jointly they contain a wealth of spells, spirits, lore, talismans and psalm magic. largely footnoted, the seals corrected re-drawn and restored, with excerpts and workings from the translator's magical checklist, it is a useful textual content which throws gentle at the Grimorium Verum, crimson Dragon and Grand Grimoire. The Black Dragon attracts seriously at the 1760 (1810) Grimoire of Honorius, that's considerably diverse to the 1670 variation and the sooner thirteenth century Sworn e-book of Honorius (Liber Juratus) that is an ancestor in name by myself. The spirits referenced are consequently these we discover within the Grimorium Verum and the seals were corrected in response to the study of Jake Stratton-Kent as offered within the actual Grimoire, (Scarlet Imprint 2009). the unique seals are reproduced for comparability. we discover many different parts of crafty craft in those pages together with the toad bone, black cat bone, horse secrets and techniques and standard spells for reliable and ailing, in addition to a awesome use of an strange kind of the magic reflect. by contrast, The Enchiridion of Pope Leo III is an early grimoire and a piece of nominally Christian magic. Legend means that it was once offered through Pope Leo III to Charlemagne and used to be answerable for his worldly luck. A disputed date of 1523 is given to its construction. The Enchiridion is observed again and again within the Black Dragon and in different places within the grimoire culture the place the penitential psalms are required.

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When it is worked so as to relieve a person in whom illness is already very- advanced, it is sometimes necessary- to 40 THE BLACK DRAGON touch the patient with the mirror repeating the mysterious words said in the operation of counter-spells. Figure 9 The sympathetic mirror possesses, moreover, certain natural virtues, among these those of curing the pain of deafness and rheumatic ills in general. For this one touches the part of the body corresponding to the pain, alternately with one side of the mirror and the other, without regard to which side one begins, each time devoting the ill one to the three Saints, saying for example: Saint ]osepb, Saint ]obn, Saint jacques, I implore you to cure N.

I command you, sordid Spin1, whomsoever you are, to come out of the body of this creature N, created by God, the same God who is jesus Christ Our Lord; may He stoop today, in his infim'te kindness, to call you in grace to Sbare in His holy sacraments wbiCb be bas instituted for the salvation of all the fal'tbful; in the name of God who will judge the whole world by fire. Here is the Cross of Our Lord jesus Christ of. [make the sign of the Cross]. Flee! Enemies be gone: here is the Lion of the tribe of Judah, Root of David.

1 exorcise you, impure and rebellious spin1, in tbe name of tbe Fatber, God tbe Son, and God tbe Holy Spin1; 1 command you to leave tbe body of N, 1 adjure you to retire in tbe name of He wbo offered His band to Saint Peter wben be was close 35 to drowning in the water. Obey your God, evil demon, and the sentence wbiCb is pronounced against you, and honour the living God, honor the Holy Spin[ and jesus Christ the only Son of the Father. Wl'tbdraw, ancient serpent, from the body of N as the great God commands you to; may your pride be utterly confounded and annihilated before the sign of the holy cross, by wbiCb we are marked by the baptism and grace of jesus Christ.

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