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By Jane Hjarl Pedersen

In Antiquity, the Black Sea zone used to be a gathering aspect for numerous diverse inhabitants teams with diversified cultural backgrounds. the current monograph takes its aspect of departure in burial facts from 4 coastal localities within the northern quarter of the Black Sea. The mortuary practices are decoded and interpreted inside of a framework quite often in response to innovations of cultural interplay instead of cultural polarisation. therefore, the dogma of 'The Greeks and the Others' is challenged, and substitute perceptions of interactions among the folks within the Black Sea sector shape the root of the learn. The burials are basically analysed with emphasis on social thoughts and cultural variety. moreover, the Black Sea quarter is decided right into a comparative viewpoint via an outlook on burial customs and mortuary practices within the colonial milieus of up to date Southern Italy.

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E. A. Tainter. The Danish contributions primarily came from researchers such as K. Randsborg, H. Thrane, U. Lund Hansen, L. Hedeager and K. Kristiansen, amongst others (see also Jensen & Høilund Nielsen 1997, 11). A full presentation of the main research elements and topics of debate from the 1970s cannot be given here in this overview, but a summarized presenta‑ tion of the most prominent premises of processual archaeology’s approach to burial archaeology can be presented as follows (from Lull 2000, 577).

The publication of the Archaic and early Classical graves by Skudnova of‑ fers a close study of the actual material stored in the Hermitage compared with Farmakovskij’s initial reports. There are clear indications of where the material record of the Hermitage store rooms does not correspond with the information in the reports. Thus, discrepancies between the actual material in the store‑ rooms and the written reports are very clearly formulated in the catalogue, leaving the reader with a notion of transparency.

The same problem is evident for Taras, for example, which has a rich corpus of burial data, but virtually none from the mother city of Sparta. However, G. Shepherd’s study of burial customs from selected cities in Sicily and their respective mother cities shows no evident similarities between the burial customs in the colonies and those in the mother city (Shepherd 1995, 72‑73). Rather, the results point in the direction of an independent burial cul‑ ture, possibly related to an urge for a sovereign position with regards to the mother city, and an emphasis on local and regional strategies rather than on broad inter‑Mediterranean relations (Shepherd 1995, 76).

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