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By Bruce R. Smoller

Dermatopathology: The Basics will function a good and effective guide for the scholar of dermatopathology, and as a pragmatic bench reference for the working towards diagnostician who wants fast entry to standards which are important in differentiating histologically related entities. The chapters include crucial bullet issues prepared in equipped outlines bearing in mind quick access and direct comparability among entities. the frilly pictorial documentation also will let the e-book to function an atlas of the commonest dermatologic disorders.

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26 Meissner’s corpuscles are present within approximately every fourth papillary dermal tip (×400) Fig. 27 Pacinian corpuscles are present in the deeper dermis in acral skin (×100) 26 1 Normal Cutaneous Histology Muscles • Arrector pili – Smooth muscle around vessels and hairs – Pilar type insert at isthmus of hair follicles – Autonomically innervated • Glomus cells – Mainly in nail beds of fingers and toes – Surround arterioles at Suquet-Hoyer canal Fig. 28 Arrector pili muscles (pilar) are located in the mid-reticular dermis and attach to hair follicles (×100) Dermis 27 Fig.

28 Arrector pili muscles (pilar) are located in the mid-reticular dermis and attach to hair follicles (×100) Dermis 27 Fig. 29 Glomus cells are prevalent surrounding dermal blood vessels in acral skin (×400) Dermal Dendrocytes • • • • • Putatively bone marrow-derived cells Reside in dermis Involved in antigen presentation Spindle-shaped cells resemble fibroblasts on routine sections Express factor XIIIa (transglutaminase from coagulation cascade) – useful for immunohistochemical identification of these cells • Increased in many immune responses • May be cell of origin in dermatofibroma 28 1 Normal Cutaneous Histology Fig.

M. 1007/978-1-4419-0024-1 2, C Springer Science+Business Media, LLC 2009 37 38 2 How to Maximize Information from a Skin Biopsy – Alopecia • Rare entities Presumed Neoplastic Processes What is the Differential Diagnosis? This is a crucial point prior to doing the biopsy. • If melanoma is in the differential diagnosis: – Complete visualization of the basal layer is crucial – There needs to be enough dermis to evaluate for maturation Fig. 1 Lesions that are clinically worrisome for melanoma need to be biopsied deep enough to allow for measurement of depth.

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