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The Hymns of Hermes

Writer word: advent by way of Stephan A. Hoeller
Publish yr observe: First released November thirtieth 1906

These writings are attributed to Hermes Trismegistus, an old Egyptian sage, the founding father of all arts and sciences, either mundane and non secular. instead of being a precise individual, Hermes is the Egyptian personification of the "Gnostic Revealer. "

Hymns of Hermes examines airtight ecstatic hymns, that are songs of a poetic nature used to explain the Gnosis of airtight attainment—the ecstatic own adventure of the divine.

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Every thing you must learn about prana. exchange strength for the recent Millennium, together with a software for doing away with starvation in 3rd global nations. will we dispose of all overall healthiness & starvation demanding situations on our planet? Is there a fashion of satiating everyone's ph

The Alphabet of Desire

During this elegant and implementing booklet of poetry, Barbara Hamby races during the circuitous areas of Heaven and Hell, hope and love, giving form and importance to the unusual and the well-known. Her publication ignites with a proclamation, "In the start used to be the observe, fanning out into syllables, like a deck of playing cards on a desk in Vegas, attractive leafy elements fluttering into atoms and cells, genus and phylum, nouns and verbs;" a simple metaphor for her intoxicating linguistic machinations.

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In their sectarian enclave, American neo-Nazis embrace a prophetic religion in which Hitler is no less AMERIC AN NEO-NAZISM 29 than a Christ figure, and Rockwell equates to St. Paul. As Jim Saleam has argued, the neo-Nazis see Nazi Germany’s twelve years [as Hitler’s ministry], the times of revealed faith and miracles. The war was the crucifixion. The swastika was the cross, a talisman against evil. The Nazi chiefs were Hitler’s disciples. The Nuremberg trials produced martyrs and forced the faith into the political catacombs.

There is a indeed a certain structural, if not theological, parallel between the Christian gospel and the racial evangel of neo-Nazism. This prophetic and structural similiarity, especially in view of the millenarianism and the messianic status of Hitler in neo-Nazism, makes this doctrine of racial salvation intelligible to individuals in a culture where Christian fundamentalism has always flourished. The Nazi heritage of George Lincoln Rockwell can be traced back to the patriotic, pro-German and appeasement groups during the 1930s.

48 Another strand in this thinking was supplied by Richard Kelly Hoskins, a Christian Identity follower, who wrote about “the Phineas Priesthood” based on biblical references in Numbers and Psalms. When the Lord is angered by the Israelites’ cohabitation with Moabite women, Phinehas (in the King James spelling), the grandson of Aaron, thrusts his spear through a race-mixing pair of lovers. The Lord is pleased, spares the Israelites from the plague and makes a covenant of “an everlasting priesthood” with the zealous Phinehas (Numbers 25:6–13).

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