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By Israel Regardie, John Michael Greer

First released in 1937, Israel Regardie’s The Golden sunrise has turn into the main influential sleek guide of magical conception and perform. during this new, definitive variation, famous pupil John Michael Greer has taken this crucial source again to its unique, genuine shape. With extra illustrations, a twenty-page colour insert, extra unique fabric, and refreshed layout and typography, this robust paintings returns to its actual stature as a contemporary masterpiece.

An crucial textbook for college kids of the occult, The Golden sunrise comprises occult symbolism and Qabalistic philosophy, education tools for constructing magical and clairvoyant powers, rituals that summon and banish religious potencies, secrets and techniques of constructing and consecrating magical instruments, and lots more and plenty extra.

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Netzach, Victory, to which the planet Venus is referred, is the first Sephirah of the third and reflected triad, and marks an entirely different order of things. Here we enter the elemental sphere, where nature’s forces have their sway. It is also the region in the human sphere of what we may term the Unconscious. The magical tradition classifies this Unconsciousness into several strata, and to each of them is attributed some one of the four elements—fire, water, air, and earth. Netzach is attributed to the element of fire, and so far as concerns the classification of man’s principles, it represents his emotional life.

It is held that the highest results may not be obtained until this particular type of change has occurred. So far as the nature of the environment and the creative power of the personal self permits, the task implied by the coagula formula is to assemble them and remould them nearer to the heart’s desire. ” For the alchemist, so the tradition asserts, commences his work where nature has left off. And were this solve phenomenon to occur spontaneously in the course of nature, the result and the outcome—the coagulation of previously dissolved elements—would not be very dissimilar to that which previously existed.

It may be convenient for the reader if I tabulate the names of the Sephiroth with the grades employed in the Golden Dawn, together with a few important attributions: 1. Kether. 2. Chokmah. 3. Binah. 4. Chesed. 5. Geburah. 6. Tiphareth. 7. Netzach. 8. Hod. 9. Yesod. 10. Malkuth. The Crown. Spirit. Wisdom. Understanding. Mercy. Might. Harmony. Victory. Fire. Splendour. Water. Foundation. Air. Kingdom. Earth. Ipsissimus Magus Magister Templi Adeptus Exemptus Adeptus Major Adeptus Minor Philosophus Practicus Theoricus Zelator 10° = 1xhx 9° = 2xhx 8°= 3xhx 7°= 4xhx 6° = 5xhx 5° = 6xhx 4° = 7xhx 3° = 8xhx 2° = 9xhx 1° = 1oxhx In the consideration of the grades, I shall not discuss any others than those existing between Zelator and Adeptus Minor.

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