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By David ( Editor ) Contibutors Include: Atwood, Margaret Butala, Sharon, Drewe, Robert Flanagan, Richard Suzuki

During this eloquent assortment, award-winning writers from the U.S., Canada, the united kingdom and Australia describe a private stumble upon with the wildlife that moved them, greater their figuring out of nature, replaced them, or used to be in another method of leading value to them. those essays describe youth thoughts, daily walks remodeled into life-changing occasions, being within the grip of an outstanding strength, startling encounters with wild animals, or even one myth.

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And I actually saw dark shapes gliding there. Perhaps five or six of them. Gliding, not rolling and surfacing. There was no doubt. Not dolphins, sharks. I couldn’t have been more pleased. All morning I followed them north. Then a motor sounded above the shallows. The shark-spotter plane, a little showoff Cessna, was after them too. There went my story. I could have cried. Even if the plane didn’t herd them out to sea, the local surfboats would give chase. The shark alarm was already sounding back on Scarborough Beach.

By January there were dissenters. That month a young man got a job in town. Another went away—and then another. Tate’s nephew left in a dispute over something. I met Stevie coming out along the back road one day. She was carrying a saucepan, with nothing in it. Someone had told her there were winter berries to collect, but she had found none, for there were none. We stood and talked for a moment in the freezing gale of late afternoon. “We are going to have a really fine farm,” she told me. I knew that was nonsense.

Other people’s scoops. Nor did I feel numb. Frankly, I had to struggle to keep my attention on the story. My mind was already veering toward some other narrative. It was obvious Dare’s source had been the police. ” It said his body, trapped in thick seaweed, had been found on Sunday afternoon by a surfboat crew in knee-deep water only fifteen yards from shore. He’d been missing since Saturday afternoon. The police thought he might have become dazed after being dumped by a wave. The police officer in charge of the search said the seaweed was so thick near the shore it was “suicidal” to swim there.

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