Bacon, Beer, and Cheese…like OMG. It’s Beer Cheese Soup! #Letscookbruh

Okay Bro!

I get it – it’s easy to order pizza, Chinese, and burritos from seamless on rotation – you’ve even got themAi??queued up for 1-click to your door.Ai??BUT – if you have a little extra time on your hands, are looking to save cash, want to impress your girl, and eat something a little better than 2 Bros….I’ve got some serious BRO recipes for you right here on omg Let’s BBQ! Ai??

Today’s recipe involves beer, cheese, and bacon – definitely BRO worthy ingredients right? This is my recipe for aAi??bangin’ beer cheese soup – perfect for enjoying some football while crushing beers with your bros.

Beer Cheese Soup


  • 5 slices thick cutAi??baconAi??
  • 1Ai??sweet onion
  • 1Ai??red pepper
  • 4Ai??garlic cloves
  • 2 tbspsAi??unsalted butter
  • 2 tbspsAi??flour
  • 2 cupsAi??beerAi??(I used shock top)
  • 1 cupAi??half and half
  • 4 ozs sharp white cheddarAi??
  • 4 ozs sharp yellowAi??cheddarAi??
  • 4 ozsAi??jack cheese
  • handful of cilantro
  • pepper
  • salt
  • 2 Round Loaves of sourdough for bread bowl

Ai??10 Step Instructions:

Ai??STEP 1: Making Bread Bowls

Take a serrated knife, cut around the top in a circle and remove. Keep the top for later.

2014-02-16 23.13.06

2014-02-16 23.18.10

Make sure its deep enough

STEP 2: Prepare your vegetables

Mince up that pepper, onion, and garlic cloves. I use a food processor, but you can use a chef’s knife or invest in one of those convenient food choppers that cost around $20. Throw the ingredients in a strainer to reduce some of the water.

2014-02-17 00.02.51

STEP 3: Prepare your cheese

You can buy cheese in blocks like I did and use a grater, or go about this the BRO way and buyAi??shredded cheese from the grocery store.

2014-02-16 23.25.36

3 types of cheese – sharp cheddar, white cheddar, and pepper jack

Rub it on the grater #thatswhatcheesesaid

Rub it on the grater until there’s nothing left #thatswhatcheesesaid

STEP 4: Ready the Bacon

Take a large stock pot, turn up the heat to medium, and throw in 5 slabs of bacon, chopped into 1 inch by 1 inch bites. Feel free to cook more than 5 – you can’t ever have enough bacon. Once it’s cooked, take the bacon out and drain on a paper towel – be sure to leave some of that awesome grease in the pot to build a base of bacony-flavor for the soup!

2014-02-17 00.20.30

Thick cut #thatswhatcheesesaid

2014-02-17 00.27.00

2014-02-17 00.42.36

Hell yeah BRO!

STEP 4: Cook the Veggies, add butter and flour

Toss in your garlic, pepper, and onions. Let these cook until transluscent bro. (about 8 mins). Then toss in the butter, and once that’s melted – throw in the flour and stir.

2014-02-17 00.42.30

STEP 5: Get your bread bowl ready

Take your bread bowl and put some olive oil on the inside of the bowl, and on the underside of the top. Throw it in the oven at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes or until the bread has hardened. #thatswhatcheesesaid

2014-02-17 00.46.03

Oil it up and throw it in the oven until its hard

STEP 5: Add BEER! (2 cups). Let the alcohol cook off (about 5 mins.) Ai??After, toss in the half and half. It helps to make it creamy. #thatswhatcheesesaid

2014-02-17 00.52.24

Bro its beer in food, omg

2014-02-17 00.54.26

Helps make it creamy

STEP 6: Add the Cheese! Put it in nice and slow. #thatswhatcheesesaid

2014-02-17 00.57.37

put it in nice and slow

STEP 9: Add about half the bacon back to the soup, and stir.Ai??

Toss in some salt, pepper, maybe even some crushed red pepper to make it hot. #thatswhatcheesesaid

2014-02-17 01.03.38

Stir it up, make it melt

STEP 10: Serve it!

Fill up your breadbowl, add remaining bacon to the top and garnish with a handful of cilantro. Serve with a side salad and a craft brew BRO!

Beer Cheese Soup

This is amazing bro


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    Slider + Asparagus

  3. This list wouldn’t be complete without BACON

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  4. This one comes from Wisconsin. Is that want people do out there.

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