The Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust Was The Worst Food Experience Yet

 Here on OMG Let’s BBQ we love writing about our food experiences. Whether it’s going to Philly for cheesesteaks or dipping Oreos in milk with a fancy stick – we write about it. Today we bring you Pizza Hut’s Stuffed Crust Pizza.  If you watched TV in the last 3 months, I’m sure you have seen the mouthwatering Pizza Hut commercials promoting the cheese-stuffed crust pizza.

Since the first time I saw this, I knew I needed to get my hands on it.

I’ll be honest, living in NYC for the last few years I have been spoiled with the best pizza in the world. This weekend I rolled out of bed after a long night and knew today was the day. For some reason, Pizza Hut only has two locations in NYC, Times Square and Harlem. I’m not sure why that is. Do they know their pizza can’t match any of the 35 million Ray’s Original Pizza, or are they playing hard to get? So, hopping on the subway hungover, I was ready. Got up to the counter and ordered a large stuffed crust with pepperoni and two waters. $30. 20 minutes later, I opened the box to this.

pizza hut stuffed crust

Looks pretty good right? The actual pizza part was bearable – your typical pizza. Once I got up to the crust, things went downhill. The cheese was not cheese. I don’t know what they used but it tasted and looked like salty goo. I not only needed both waters to keep down the two slices, but I needed a solid 15 minutes starting into space before I had the mindset and strength to leave. 4 hours later and I think I’m almost fully recovered. I needed a few beers to forget about what I just ate.  I will not be back.

Have you tried the stuffed crust from Pizza Hut? Let us know how your experience was in the comments.


Never Eat Cold Pizza Again..Make A Pizza Pocket With This Easy Trick

Everyone has great food tips and tricks. One of my favorite places to find them is on Reddit’s FoodHacks subreddit. I’m constantly browsing Reddit for the best tips and tricks to test out in my kitchen. I’ll post some of my favorites in a new section here on OMG Let’s BBQ called Food Hacks.

DIY Pizza Pocket

The first hack comes from Reddit user J_Kenji_Lopez-Alt. All too often I wake up after a long night out with cold pizza. As you all know, pizza is a way of life in New York and it’s one of the few places open after 4am. The problem with pizza that’s leftover in the fridge is heating it back up.

I’m sure all of us rely on the microwave to re-heat all types of food, including pizza. The problem is that the pizza dough gets very tough to eat.

Do you have a waffle maker? All you need to do it fold the slice into a triangle and heat it up for a few minutes. BOOM. A pizza pocket!


Just When You Thought You Tried It All….A Cheeseburger Pizza (Special Surprise at 2:18)

Pizza is fu*king amazing. I think we can all agree on that. Here in New York the varieties are endless, everything from your basic thin crust to Mexican (hint: Taco Bell). The one thing we are missing? Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust pizza. language translator . Another post to come on that at a later time (I’m furious about this, btw)

The bros over at Epic Meal Time, the infamous group known for YouTube videos of putting the word debauchery into food – has a new creation.

Cheeseburger Pizza

Introducing the Cheeseburger Pizza. Sounds ridiculous? Wait until you watch the video. Keep an eye out in the lower right hand corner at 2:18!


I have to admit, these guys are pretty impressive chefs. Knowing to pre-cook the pizza before the cheeseburgers is something that I would have had no idea to do.